XXL BIG WAVE AWARD Big Wave Wipeout Collection 2015

Source: WSL The total amount of the XXL Big Wave AWARD prize, which is held every year, is growing every year. Who is this year's XXL Wipe Out of the Year? We will send you some breathtaking wipeouts. 1. Justin Holland at Cow Bombie, Australia When Justin Holland charged a BIG WAVE spot called COW BOMBIE in Australia It was taken in Japan's summer (winter in Australia) this year, and it is naturally two boards, and Justin Holland broke the femur. I was relieved to hear that the femur was saved because it was so serious that the allowance could die at worst if the allowance was delayed. The state of the supercharge was featured in the news of the local TV station. 2. TOM Lowe at Puert Escondido, Mexico The waves here are really heavy than they look. If you would like to be swallowed by such a size .... In fact, many people actually have a dead at this point, so if you make a mistake, it will be a crisis of life. While the set is included, I can't help with jet skiing, so I have to survive myself. 3.Niccolo Porcella at TEAHUPOO It is just a washing machine or a human missile state. At this point, many professional surfers are seriously injured, such as fractures, so it's just a life. 4. CARLOS NOGALES at Puerto Escondido, Mexico Once again, if I was able to pull in a little earlier as soon as Puerto Es Condoad in Mexico ... I was able to make a wonderful barrel. However, the thickness of the lip at this point may have been crushed because it was extraordinary. 5. CARLOS DI PACE at El Buey Chile [Extra compilation] If you want to see a ridiculous wipeout, please click here.

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