What is the topic of Super Bowl CM? ! To you who are thinking about commercial production!

by Hajime Ozawa

Super Bowl
This year, on February 7, the finals of American football"Super Bowl"Was held! This time, we will introduce commercials broadcast to the Super Bowl! !

What is a Super Bowl in the first place?

Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is a sporting event only for the world's most watched in the world every year. This year, Tampa Bakanias won Kansas City Chiefs.Approximately 999 million people(U.S. -only numbers) watched Super Bowl LIVE. The interesting part of the Super Bowl:

  • In the United States, it feels like a holiday:Every year in the super bowl day, we gather with family and friends,Super Bowl PartyDo. The restaurant will consider measures for the day, such as putting out a super bowl coupon or a cheap coupon when the game enters the extra time.
  • Half time show:Every yearFamous singerPerforms a half -time performance. This year, THE WEEKND was selected and performed.
  • Interesting CM:The company will broadcast commercials with a lot of money, as it is the most watched event in the world. Most commercialsComedy routeAnd many people are looking forward to commercials.

This time, I would like to analyze that interesting commercial!

Is the CM shipping cost of the super bowl so expensive? !

Super Bowl -Surprised
The Super Bowl is the world's most sporting event in the world. That means that the broadcast fee is so crazy! ! Actually, in a super bowl30 seconds CMTo broadcastAbout 600 million yenYou have to pay for (OH MY GOD)! !

It has become a hot topic after producing a laughable commercial for each industry (Budweiser for beer, Doritos for sweets, Pepsi for drinks), every year. However, this year, Budweiser became a hot topic without broadcasting commercials for the first time in 37 years. In addition, many famous brands did not broadcast this year's commercial, and the first brand of Super Bowl CM broadcast was active.

What was the commercial that became a hot topic this year? !


Reddit exists since 2005, like a 2 channel in the American version of Japan. Users post categories such as news, politics, movies, sports, animation, etc. and communicate with other users.
It's such a Reddit, but if you think you have created an interesting commercial, the commercial isOnly 5 seconds。 。 。 In additionOne image。 。 。 On the contrary, it became a hot topic!

In that image, Wow, It Actualy Worked ... (Wao, it was really broadcast ...)


“ONE THING WE LEARNED FROM OUR COMMUNITIES LAST WEEK IS THAT UNDERDOGS CAN ACCOMPLISH JUT ANYTHING WHEN THEN THEY COME TOGETHER AROUND A COMMON IDEA. (Last week, what I learned from our community was to help underdogs on one idea If you put it, you can achieve anything) and a slightly impressive message.

that's right! In fact, Reddit did not plan to broadcast a commercial until one week before the Super Bowl! But it's amazing, Twitter exploded with one image.


Next is DOORDASH! This company is also the first performer. Doordash is a food delivery app, like Ubereats. Currently, many Americans use it.

Doordash is thatCollaboration with SESAME STREETDid! In the CM, Sesame Street characters sang original songs about DOORDASH. Children also like, and adults have collaborated with Sesame Street, which reminds me of "I saw it when I was little," and I think it was a memorable and good measure.

General Motors

General Motors is the world's largest car manufacturer. Currently, the market is that the number of electric vehicles per person in Norway is more common than any country, including the United States.

I wondered what to do with General Motors! I would like to solve it on the stage of the Super BowlProducing interesting commercialsDid. The main starring was WILL FERRELL (Comedy Actor Legend, which starred in many American movies). GENERAL MOTORS thought about a story called an American (WILL FERRELL) that Norway, which has a large number of electric vehicles, (laughs). At that time, General Motors advertised a new General Motors battery called Ultium Battery. In addition, it has announced that it will manufacture new electric vehicles one after another by 2025. The GENERAL MOTORS commercial was 1 minute! !


TOYOTA also broadcasts commercials every year!

What is TOYOTA this year?Sometimes an impressive CMWas producing. Jessica Long was starring a paralympic swimmer, and in a commercial, she swam in various scenes, and her life story and thoughts were broadcast for one minute. This time, TOYOTA did not advertise a car, but it was a good one minute for Americans to give courage and power in many ways!

Is Super Bowl commercial worthwhile?

Super Bowl
Is it worth paying such a high broadcasting fee? Well, I think it is worthwhile depending on the brand and industry! According to the data of the brand analysis of Simantel and marketing companiesCompanies that sell small products(Confectionery and alcohol) after broadcasting the commercialThe search volume increasesI know. That Amazon Alexa also found that the number of accesses increased when the commercial was played with the power of the famous actor in one year.

According to the data,carRelated toThere was no significant change in the amount of accessIt seems that. However, in one year Jeep collaborated with Jurassic Park, the number of accesses has changed a little. Car companies TOYOTA, HYUNDAI, KIA and DODGE have broadcast super bowl commercials from the past, but after the broadcast, there are no major changes.

Broadcasting CMs in Super Bowls have a high broadcasting fee, and you may be wondering why you need to spend so much for 30 seconds to 1 minute. But if you think positively,

  • The most watched sporting event in the world
  • If you make a memorable commercial, the conversation and ideas of "What kind of commercial will be broadcast this year?" It became a hot topic in 5 seconds)
  • You can be proud when you broadcast a commercial to the super bowl
  • If you succeed, your sales will rise

Personally, like thisPositive resultsI think it's waiting.

This year, it seems that Japanese companies' Mercari and Rakuten were challenging! I'm looking forward to the broadcast of your business commercial on the stage called Super Bowl! :)


Super Bowl
In the Super Bowl,Interesting CMfromSometimes an impressive CMUntil, commercials of a wide range of genres will be broadcast. As a point (I think all the commercials are the same), it is a sporting event of the world's most watched one day."Unforgettable"It is considered important to create a commercial. Otherwise, it will not be a topic = the viewer will end up watching the commercial and the business will not grow.

Has hope for commercial production,I want to broadcast commercials in the Super Bowl in the futureNot only those who think, but also those who are considering promotion and marketing according to events such as super bowls.Contact Go Ride immediatelyLet!


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