What is the narrowing search function of the EC site? Recommended app introduction!

by Hajime Ozawa

Absolutely necessary stores with many products!

EC sites have several essential functions, one of which is a filter function (product narrowing)!

In particular, if the store with a large number of products does not have a filter function, it will be difficult for users (customers) to find the products they want to buy.

In this article, we will explain the SHOPIFY official filter application "SHOPIFY SEARCH & DISCOVERY" and the third -party application "BOOST PRODUCT FILTER & SEARCH".

What is a filter app?

A filter app is a narrowing function to find the product that customers are easily looking for.

It is set on many EC sites and is installed on the left (or upper) of the shopping page of the EC site.

The filter items in each store are different, but for example, collections, colors, prices, and sizes are set.

Filter apps in most SHOPIFY app store also have search functions (search). It is easy to find the product you are looking for in the search bar and you can set keywords in advance (example (maybe (maybe (maybe)keyword)」。

Filters and search keywords are very useful for customers, so be sure to set them.

Let's take a look at the SHOPIFY official filter application "SHOPIFY SEARCH AND DISCOVERY" and the third -party application "Boost Product Filter & Search" that can be installed on your SHOPIFYEC site.


First, I will explain from the SHOPIFY official filter & search application "Shopify Search & Discovery".



  • Free app
  • Shopify official
  • Simple layout, easy setting

About filter

The information set on the product details management page can be set as an item (eg, stock/none, price type, size). It is very simple and recommended for those who want to set the filter in the store without spending money.

About search

When you use a search bar, you can set keywords so that the product you are looking for displays in the search results.

Analysis function

There is also an analysis function, so you can check the data such as what you are searching for and the CV rate on the application management screen.

App ② Boost Product Filter & Search

Next, I will explain the third -party application "Boost Product Filter & Search".

Boost Product Filter & Search


  • Various customization can be easily done (you can make your favorite items → Tag and Metafield are linked with items)
  • Search bar autos agest
  • You can easily change the layout/design

About filter

This app is charged, but it includes various functions. Many free apps cannot customize them only for items that are determined based on the product details management page. Boost Product Filter & Search allows you to create a variety of items and work with tags and Metafield. In addition, you can check the box, range (price, size, etc.), images, etc. in the item.

About search

For search, you can set keywords like SHOPIFY SEARCH & DISCOVERY. In addition, it is possible to set words that are not necessary or included in the search. If you look at the following images, for example, in English, you can set it so that you do not need to search for "The" or "A", so that the search results of the customer are not affected by having words.

Sorting settings

You can set up various arrangements, such as title order (A-Z, Z-A), price order (cheap, high), and new products. METAFIELD can also be linked, and you can set a custom arrangement order.

Which one is recommended?

In our Go Ride, we have set both "Shopify Search & Discovery" and "Boost Product Filter & Search".

If you are worried about which one to install, please refer to the following.

Shopify Search & Discovery

  • There is no problem with simple filter functions and search functions
  • I don't want to spend money on the filter function
  • You don't have to customize much

Boost Product Filter & Search

  • Even if it costs money, I want to customize it in various ways, such as searching and design (I also emphasize site design)
  • I installed Search & Discovery, but the item was not enough. I want to add a custom filter item
  • I want to change the filter layout


This is the explanation of the two apps.

Our Go Ride supports the settings of various customers' EC sites.

Our engineer team also has detailed and complicated application settings and customizations that cannot be done on the application management screen (for example, filter size adjustment depending on the theme and layout of the site).

Please feel free to contact us if you need to support EC sites, including filter function settings!


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