What is the EC customer management utilization method that can be done in SHOPIFY? KLAVIYO and Salesforce announced cooperation

  • It is good that the EC site has been launched, sales have become stable, and the number of new customers and repeaters has increased, but it is not possible to manage.
  • I don't know how to manage customers who want to take a different approach according to the customer's trend.

Do you have such a problem?

SHOPIFY, an EC platform, offers several ways to use customer management (CRM), which can use customer information effectively to promote business growth.

Here are some of the benefits of CRM in SHOPIFY.


Benefits of doing CRM in SHOPIFY

Integrated environment

In Shopify, all the functions required for the operation of the EC site are integrated, and customer management can be performed in the platform. ThisThere is no need to exchange or manage data between different systemsYou can use customer data efficiently.

Customer segment

With the CRM function of SHOPIFY, you can create various segments based on customer data. As a resultDevelop a marketing strategy tailored to a specific layerAnd you can improve conversion rate and repeat purchase rate.

Abundant apps

SHOPIFY's App Store offers numerous third -party CRM apps, allowing you to select and use the optimal apps according to your business needs. This allows you to analyze customer data in more detail and develop effective marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, the CRM performed in SHOPIFY is not only the merit,There are disadvantages that must be considered。 that isThere is a limit to the width of customizationThat is the place.

Disadvantages that must be considered

SHOPIFY's CRM function is provided in the platform, so it is fully adjusted to corporate needs and requirements.Difficult to customizeSometimes. Therefore, if you need advanced customization, you may need to consider third -party CRM software.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of CRM in SHOPIFY. From here on, we will introduce how to actually manage customer with SHOPIFY!


CRM that can be done with SHOPIFY

Creating customer segments

SHOPIFY allows you to create various segments using customer data. This allows you to develop a marketing strategy that suits a specific layer. For example, you can conduct a campaign focusing on buyers, first buyers, repeat purchasers with a certain amount or more.

Shopify Email

With Shopify Email, you can easily create and send an e -mail marketing campaign based on the customer list. This allows you to provide personalized content according to a specific customer segment and improve customer engagement.

Shopify Pos Pro

With SHOPIFY POS Pro, you can centrally manage online and offline customer data. This allows you to provide more personalized services using customer purchase history and profile information.

Utilization of customer tags (inside SHOPIFY platform)

By tagging customer information, you can easily manage customer attributes and purchase trends. You can use tags to classify customers and provide marketing activities and support according to the target.

Use of third -party CRM app

A large number of third -party CRM apps are provided in SHOPIFY's App Store. By using apps such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Klaviyo, you can analyze customer data in more detail and develop effective marketing strategies.

So what exactly is a third -party CRM app?

What we, a SHOPIFY PLUS partner with only 20 companies in Japan, recommends customer management by integrating Klaviyo and Salesforce Commission Cloud, which recently announced cooperation.


KLAVIYO and Salesforce announce cooperation!

Outline of integration

Klaviyo integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to develop effective marketing strategies by using online store data. In addition, you can synchronize information such as customer data and order history in real time, and carry out personalized email marketing campaigns.

Advantages of integration

Data synchronization

By integrating Klaviyo and Salesforce Commermerce Cloud, customer data and order data can be synchronized in real time.


You can create effective segments using customer data and develop marketing strategies according to the target.


Utilizing Klaviyo's automation function, you can implement an email campaign based on triggers such as cart abandonment and welcome mail.


Based on customer data and sales data, you can analyze the effects of marketing activities and find improvement measures.

The integration of KLAVIYO and Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to make effective marketing activities by maximizing the functions of both platforms.

What did you think?

This article describes how to use EC CRM (customer management) in SHOPIFY, its merits and demerits, and how to integrate Klaviyo, Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

In SHOPIFYUse customer data by creating customer segments, using SHOPIFY EMAIL, POS Pro, utilization of customer tags, and using third -party CRM applicationscan.

As a merit of performing CRM in SHOPIFY,Integrated environment, customer segmentation, abundance of appsIs listed. However, the disadvantage is that there is a limit on the width of customization.

Integrated Klaviyo and Salesforce CRMBy doing so, you can use data between both platforms by setting up customer data, data mapping, and synchronization schedules.

Utilize this information to effectively manage customer data on each platform of SHOPIFY, KLAVIYO, and Salesforce, and optimize marketing strategies!

If you want to know more or if you want to consult about implementation, please feel free to contact us!

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