What is the design that is easy to click on the EC site?


The main purpose of creating a site on the EC site is the product."purchase"is.

By thinking about user psychology and properly removing the purpose of production into the design.The trigger that leads to actions (actions), such as the product "purchase" and "click"It will be.

This time, on the EC site, it is often subject to click,"Purchase button" and "banner",Introducing the design that is easy to click from a designer.

1. About the "purchase button" design that is easy to be clicked

The most creative effect in the design is"colour"is.

The color scheme isIt has a significant impact on human psychology and behavior.

Depending on the scene, properly using it properly, you will lose stress and will naturally encourage clicks.

Looking at the color of the purchase button of various sites, it is red and orangeThere are many warm colorsI understand this. There are many warm colors, psychologicallyColor that is motivated to purchaseThat's why.

However, when considering the color scheme of the entire site,Color scheme (law of 70: 25: 5)May be used.If there is already a brand color of a business operator, it may be used by applying the specified color and using it.

Creative color

Because it is the largest area, it is often used for background colors on the website.

70% of the whole "base color"

If you have a logo or corporate color, you often set that color,

25% of the whole "main color"

Although it is a small amount of usage, it has the role of tightening the whole and sharpens.

5% of the whole "base color"

If you think about the psychological image given by color while being aware of this color scheme,Become better creative.

Creative Button

Not only the color, butText in the buttonIs also important.

In the buttonJust "purchase"Even if it is written, it may not be clicked.

for example,"Buy now" "Click here for purchase"The buttons of the text like this are easier to click, or after "Purchase here", ">>"Symbol to clickIt is even more effective if you put in.

If you can guide not only the color to be set, but also the text content and symbols, the user will not be lost and will be a more effective purchase button.

2. About "banner" design that is easy to be clicked

Looking at the web with a lot of information when creating a banner design"What do you want to convey first?"Is important.

To clarify what you want to convey, what you need to think about before creating a design is to summarize the information.

for example,Production purpose, distribution location, target you want to deliverSuch. Depending on the information, the colors, fonts, large and small characters, and materials of letters will also change.

▼ Partial examples of banners that are effective for clicking

[If the production purpose is purchased]

So that you can see what the product you want to introduceIncrease the arrangement of product images and prioritize the character size of the product namedo.

Also, in the case of a sale banner,Increase the character size of the sale amount or differentiate it from the color of other charactersdo.

[If the distribution location is a website]

The colors used for the background of the website are often colorful, such as white and gray, so the background color of the banner is not assimilated with the background.Other than white colorsSelect

[In the case of women in their 30s and 40s]

Rather than pink that gives a little childish impressionSet a calm adult feminine earth color to the main colordo.


By putting together the information first, you can make an effective creative that is easier to click on what you want to convey first.


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