What is SHOPIFY's regular purchase (subsc) app "GO SUBSCRIDE"?


Have you ever considered the introduction of a regular purchase (sub -sko) at the Shopify store? Among the various apps, many people are worried about "which apps that suit their company" and "Is the function fulfilling?"
In this article, we will explain the outline and strategy of regular purchases (subscs), and we will introduce regular purchases (subscs) apps that allow you to implement abundant functions according to your store.

Overview of regular purchase (subscription)

Subscription (subsc) is a fixed -rate business model that pays a fee according to the usage period of the product and service.

In Japan, regular subscriptions of newspapers are known as the main example. Recently, digital areas such as video distribution services Netflix and music distribution service Spotify are attracting attention, but they have also been introduced to products such as cars, fashion, and food. Consumers and businesses are a business model that is rapidly expanding in all fields, abbreviated as sub -schools.

From the next section, we will explain the benefits of the introduction and the strategy that will lead to success, regarding regular purchases (subscs) regarding product sales.

Changes in the flat -rate business

Until now, the flat -rate business has been in a one -sided relationship, such as regularly delivering products and customers purchasing and ending. However, it is important to create a relationship between each other so that customers continue to use products and services. A platform that can sell products has emerged, and with a lot of competition in business, customer's solutions have been required to enhance the connection with customers and solve issues to meet the needs.

Advantages of introducing regular purchases (sub -schools)

Acquisition of continuous sales

Customers pay a certain fee for each cycle, so you can secure continuous revenue. Customers can purchase the determined products, so businesses can make medium- to long -term sales. In addition, it will be easier to make improvements according to the earned revenue.

Accumulation of customer information

Various customer information is accumulated by collecting data such as purchasing history, usage status, and opening rate of e -mail magazine. You can grasp the real user base and analyze what trends are.

Improvement of products according to needs

It is not just a fixed -price service, but you need to want to keep using it during the medium to long period. Therefore, it can be used from the collected data and can help improve products and services while considering customer satisfaction.

Strategy that succeeds in subscription (subscriber)

In order to succeed with regular purchases (sub -skop), it is necessary to obtain a new contract and create a regular purchase to increase the continuation rate.

Lower the hurdle of new contracts

First, let your customers experience the product. It is necessary to have a measure to lower the hurdle of new contracts such as lowering the price at the time of the first purchase or making the shipping cost free. By increasing the customer satisfaction of the first time, it can lead to continuous purchase.

Measures to promote repeaters

In order to be continued, customers need to feel the benefits of subscriptions (sub -schools). There are discounts that are adapted for each time you continue, and the introduction of limited items that are adapted to each other. In addition, it is effective to create a system that can be changed by customers, such as a cycle change or skip system, and measures that are not stressed for regular purchases (subscriages) are effective.

Communicate closely with customers

The relationship with the customer must be unilateral and mutual. It is also effective to place a customer center so that customers can easily contact them, and as active measures, regular questionnaires and e -mail magazines are also effective. You will need the opportunity to have as many contacts with customers as much as possible.

Products that have been successfully purchased for regular purchases

In order to have customers purchase continuously, it is necessary to deal with high -continuous products. The main examples are consumables that need to be purchased regularly and products with a short period of use.

Specifically, daily necessities, cosmetics, beauty goods and health foods have been successfully purchased (sub -sku). These products need to be consumed on a daily basis or have a few months to feel the effects. Since the consumption cycle is fast and the medium- to long -term use can be expected, it is a product suitable for regular purchases (subscriads).

On the other hand, products with a long usage period, such as cheap ones and home appliances, may not be suitable. These can be promoted for regular purchases by devising set sales.

Success examples of regular purchases (subscs)

Bulk Homme

It is a brand that handles skin care products for men, and has grown rapidly on its own EC site. By selling a set of regular purchases that are advantageous for customers in our own EC, it leads to the acquisition of repeat customers. Skin care products can be realized by long -term use, so they are very compatible with regular purchases (subscs).


It is a brand that develops products with the concept of incorporating matcha into everyday life. By issuing coupons that can be used for initial discounts and regular purchases (sub -skops), we take measures to lower the hurdle for the first purchase, which leads to customers. It is also a D2C brand of Go Ride Co., Ltd.

"SOL MATCHA" is developed with the concept of incorporating matcha into everyday life.

At this point, some people may want to introduce regular purchases (sub -skop) for their own products. I want to introduce it immediately to improve sales, product and service, and expand the business.

For those who have already operated EC sites at the Shopify store, there is an application that allows you to introduce a subscription (subscty) in just 5 minutes. It is highly customized, making it easy for businesses and customers to use it. Indeed, the app is "GO SUBSCRIDE".

What is Go Subscride?

"GO SUBSCRIDE" is a regular application made by the expert. Complete Japanese compatible! We also respond flexibly to customization.

GO SUBSCRIDE is a full -Japanese -compatible subscription (subsc) app that can be installed in SHOPIFY. We provide a comfortable sub -skop purchase experience for customers and a wealth of functions that realize continuous sales.
In addition, the usage is very simple. By simply setting a subscription (sub -skop) option for the existing product from the application management screen, you can select a regular purchase.

Features of GO SUBSCRIDE


Abundant functions

There is a function that allows you to set regular purchases (subscs) according to your store. You can register multiple sub -skirts for each product and variations, and you can also set a discount rate. In addition, there is an operation report that can be done on your My Page, a notification email setting, and an operation report that can analyze sales. In addition, it can be used for special designs and function customizations according to your request.

Can be introduced for free monthly

In the early stages where you do not know the prospect of purchasing regular purchases (sub -school) products, you need to reduce costs as much as possible. GO SUBSCRIDE has a monthly price plan that can be used for free, so you can introduce a subscription (sub -ski) with confidence.

Price setting

  • GO SUBSRIDE has two price plans with the same feature.
    "Starter Plan": Free installation + 3% sub -skask sales commission
  • "Premium Plan": You can choose a fee plan that matches the monthly fee of $ 39/month + 1% sub -skask product sales phase.

Free installation

3% Subsque sales commission of

  • For trial stores
  • All functions are available
  • Unlimited creation of subscription group settings
  • Number of subclays Number of sentences are unlimited


$ 39/month

1% Subsque sales commission of

  • All functions are available
  • Unlimited creation of subscription group settings
  • Number of subclays Number of sentences are unlimited

All rates are charged by USD. Regular claims and charges based on usage fees are made every 30 days.

Practical proposals and quick support

Go Ride Co., Ltd., the developer, has been certified as a SHOPIFY PLUS partner, the top plan of SHOPIFY. In fact, SHOPIFY also operates a subscription e -commerce site, so you can provide secure support from installation to operation and enterprise clients with confidence.

Introducing functions of GO SUBSCRIDE

Introducing functions of GO SUBSCRIDE

Additional purchase options added, setting

You can easily add a regular purchase option to the existing product page and customize it.

  • Registration of a subsccy cycle (weekly, 2 months, etc.)
  • Discount rate settings (eg, 10%OFF per month, 500 yen every 2 months, etc.)
  • First -time limited discount setting (SHOPIFY discount coupon adaptation) etc ...

Enriched customer My Page

There are plenty of things you can do on your own page, and you can easily change the content.

  • Delivery date and time, specification and change of delivery plan

  • Change credit card information
  • Change of delivery address
  • Change of product and product options
  • Change order number
  • Change of sub -skirt cycle
  • Order button right now (Changed the next order date from the customer to the as soon as possible)
  • Cancellation of contract, pause, restarted etc.

Operation report that can analyze sales

You can check the operating status of regular purchases (subscs) depending on the numbers and graphs.

  • Total contract number

  • Number of active contracts
  • Total sub -skop sales
  • Subsque contract management
  • Subsque Customer Management ETC ...

GO SUBSCRIDE is recommended for such people

  • I want to set a sub -school that suits my company's products
  • I want to introduce it with an initial cost of 0 yen
  • I want to stick to the functions of my page
  • I want you to support from introduction to operation

It is possible to set according to the request of a wide range of clients. If you are considering a subscription (sub -skook), why not start installing it for free once?

For inquiries about the app, go to Go Ride

Go Ride Co., Ltd. will support you from installing and operation of GO SUBSCRIDE. It also supports sites using SHOPIFY and transition from other EC sites. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Go Ride.

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