What is SHOPIFY shipment management app SHIP & CO? Is shipping work dramatically easier?

by Marina Fujihara

Shipping work, especially overseas, is the most troublesome task in the operation of EC sites.
This time, the app that solves thisSHIP & COI will introduce you!

What is SHIP & CO?

It is a shipping management app for EC sites. It is a service provided by a Japanese company, and can be easily completed in this app, not only in Japan but also overseas. The price is 1900 yen (+tax), the most popular plan, "+tax), and there is a free trial for 14 days.

Ship & Co, Modern Shipping Application

In SHIP & CO, major overseas shipping companies such as Fedex, DHL, UPS, and domestic shipping companies can use Japan Post, Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, etc., so you can easily compare shipping. And you can choose the best shipping method for you.

SHIP & CO is now available in 12 major EC platforms, including SHOPIFY, Amazon, Rakuten, EBAY, and Etsy.

What you can do with SHIP & CO

Let's take a brief look at the features of SHIP & CO.

This is what you can do with SHIP & CO specifically.

  • Order information synchronized in real time
  • Postage comparison
  • Published invoice with one click
  • Easy issuance of overseas shipping documents
  • Automatic synchronization of tracking information

If you register the platform and shipping company to use along with the profile information on the initial setting screen, the order information will be automatically synchronized with SHIP & CO. You can use multiple shipping companies, and you can manage orders from multiple platforms.

Even if it is delivered, it will be more confusing, especially when it comes to overseas delivery, but using this app can easily ship it in collective management.
And since the information is not performed manually, you can prevent troubles such as input mistakes in the address.

SHIP & CO's 14 -day free trialHereYou can apply.

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