What is Shopify Markets? Introducing the best functions for cross -border EC!


Do you know the features of Shopify Markets?

I think that there are many businesses who have not tried it yet.

In this article, I will introduce what you can do using the functions of Shopify Markets.

If you are considering future overseas expansion, please take a look!

What is Shopify Markets?

Shopify Markets is a function that makes it easy and efficient to sell from one Shopify store to overseas.

In order to sell one store overseas, I think that there is a time -consuming task, such as adding currency in that country or adding a translation function.

With the function of Shopify Markets, you can efficiently do those tasks.

Overseas Ecommerce


Language barriers are the number one obstacle to the seller and purchasers in selling things overseas.

Have you ever experienced the experience that the language on the EC is difficult to buy in a foreign language?

In English, you may still be able to reach relatively relatively to purchase,When a foreigner looks at a Japanese EC site, many people will not be able to buy it easily or accept the site itself.

SHOPIFY MARKETS can use apps that support both manual translation and automatic translation to reduce each language discomfort as much as possible.


Currency display is also important as the language.

In the euro or the original notation, there are not many people who can calculate it immediately in a circle.

Shopify Markets has a function to display prices based on the latest exchange rate by passing SHOPIFY PAYMENT.

Check -out screens are also displayed as local currency, so you can provide a sense of security to overseas customers.

method of payment

There may be a unique card brand for the payment method. The addition of a card company that is not found in Japan will be possible with the Markets function.

For example, in European areas, adding a major payment method can increase the conversion rate, so it is important in overseas sales.

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Customs and import tax

The most important point when using overseas EC sites is tariffs.

I think that many people are worried about whether they need to pay tariffs after purchasing, and whether they pay the amount of customs duties at the time of the first accounting.

If you use Shopify Markets, you can claim the customs duties at the check -out timing, so you can enjoy shopping without worrying about your customers.

Regarding tariffs and import systemsHere

Domain / SEO

When selling in a new country or region, if the domain is for Japan, the conversion will not increase easily.

Domain for each country and region. In addition to setting the subdomain, it automatically sets an appropriate SEO tag, so you can increase the number of times displayed in search engines.

Other adjustable settings

You can categorize the area to be sold by country, and on the contrary, you can treat Europe and Asia as one market.The currency and payment method are displayed in the same market, so there is no problem setting a wide area to one market.

You can also change the price for each market. Prices are possible along with the country and region. Of course, the tax -included display is also performed automatically.

In addition, many other functions are installed, and functions will be added in the future, so be sure to check out information from SHOPIFY!

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What did you think?

Shopify Markets is a very useful feature for those who have a SHOPIFY store and are currently selling them in Japan and want to sell them overseas.

Please use it for global development!

Feel free to consult with the cross -border EC including SHOPIFY MARKETS!

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