What is dropshiping? Explain from the mechanism to how to start!


Do you know about the EC form called dropshiping?

In this article, I will introduce the drop shipping that is said to be easy for people who have not been doing EC until now to start!

What is dropshiping?

Dropshipping is the store owner / operatorWithout stockIt is a system to be operated.

Rather than the store owner does packing and shipping when ordered on the store, the store ownerDirectly shipped to customers purchased from manufacturers and wholesalersIt will be the system.

One of the advantages of dropping is the lack of purchase costs and inventory management. The big advantage is that there is little risk and the cost of reducing costs.

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Start dropping at SHOPIFY!

firstDropshipping contractorRegister. A drop -off company is a company that sells the store and a product manufacturer or wholesaler.

After registration, pick up the products that sell the actual store from the products handled by the trader and post them on their own Shopify store.

Then, when the person who visits the site is ordered at the store, the store owner confirms the order and contacts the dropshipping company for ordering.

The contractor who received the order will ship from the product packing and the actual purchase will be completed.

In this way, store owners do not actually manage inventory or ship.

Precautions for dropshipping

If you look so far, the dropshipping may look easy.However, you have to be careful about the following points that you tend to overlook.

The number one point that I need to be aware of when running a drop -seating store isout of stockIs a problem.

You don't actually manage inventory, but don't forget that your own store is registered as a drop -off company.

Since the stock is shared with the store of other drop -shippings, the speed until the stock is out of stock may be faster than expected.

Check the stock of the product regularly to keep selling without being aware of the out of stock and prevent you from being unable to order purchased products.

Another important point is about inquiries.

When asked or contacted by the person who purchased or visited the site, there are times when it is difficult to answer because it is not a product manufacturer.

The advantage of dropping is the point that the product inventory is not at hand, but on the contrary, this sometimes becomes a disadvantage.

If you have one product, you will be able to answer questions. Knowledge and understanding of the product are important on site management.

Points to increase sales by dropping

As mentioned above, the drop -off site shares inventory with other sites.

In other words, there are multiple sites that sell the same product.

Here are some important points to increase sales in a similar site.

① Price setting
If you buy the same product, consumers naturally choose the lower price.

However, if the price is too low to get the product on your site, the profit will decrease.

Price setting is a good way to increase sales by referring to other sites.

② Product page

Product images will be used by dropshipping companies, but the UI of the product page and the product description will be freely set by the store owner.

It is a good idea to make a product page carefully and easy to use so that people who arrive at the product page do not hesitate to purchase.

③ Assortment

In order to increase sales by dropping, it is important to have more users purchase and increase the number of orders.

For that, it is important to have a store assortment.

By handling a wide range of things that are used on a daily basis, from the trends that are trend, you can increase the possibility of ordering them all together if the people who visit the store are available.

④ Promotion

As mentioned earlier, there are many similar sites, that is, competing sites. Prices and services tend to be in a similar format.

In such a situation, promotion, including advertising, is important to get as many people as possible to open the site in such a situation.

My site is among many sites, such as continuing to update information on SNS, displaying conductors to the site to more users in advertising, implementing points and campaigns to differentiate it from other sites. It is necessary to devise a choice.


What did you think.

There is no need to have inventory, and there is an image that you can easily start EC, and many people may be considering it. However, there are some points to be aware of, so it is important to do what you need to increase your sales.

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