What is Amazon Seller Central? Cross -border EC started on Amazon

by Marina Fujihara

Do you know what "Amazon Seller Central" is?

When you want to start a cross -border EC, Amazon is to use tools. Amazon is of course popular in Japan, but Amazon's popularity in the United States is overwhelming.
In other words, when selling the United States at cross -border EC, exhibition on Amazon can be one of the very effective means.

This time, I would like to write about the cross -border EC method using Amazon Marketplace.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Let's keep the Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Market Place, and Amazon FBA first!

Amazon Seller Central

This is all necessary work when exhibiting and selling on AmazonAmazon Seller CentralI will do it above. What you can do on the Amazon Seller Central

  • Product registration / management
  • Inventory control
  • Shipping management
  • Order management
  • Advertising creation and management
  • Sales data browsing

And so on. There are various other functions, but this is the main function.
As mentioned earlier, all necessary tasks can be performed on this Amazon Seller Central, from product registration to inventory management, shipping, advertising, and sales data.

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace is a platform that sellers sell products using Amazon sites. Currently, there are 14 Amazon Market Plates in the world. (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Middle East)
Along with Amazon's regular products, a third party can exhibit new or used goods. To register a product in the marketplace, first select one from two plans, Individual Plan and Oguchi exhibition (Professional Plan). Koguchi exhibition is "Open", and Oguchi exhibition is in the form of "store opening".

There are two ways to ship the product at the Amazon Market Place, "FBA", which is entrusted to Amazon, and "FBM", which sells it by the seller himself.

Amazon FBA (Full Filement by Amazon)It is a system that Amazon undertakes all services such as ordering, packing, shipping, and payment. The seller will deliver the product to the Amazon Full Philication Center, where the product is managed by Amazon.
On the other hand, another dispatch method at Amazon Marketplace isAmazon FBMis. In this case, the seller needs to manage all product management, packing, shipping, etc. himself.

How to start a cross -border EC site using Amazon

To start a cross -border EC using the Amazon Market Place, there are roughly the following four steps:

  1. Decide what to sell and where
  2. Register the product
  3. Decide the management and shipping method of product
  4. Sales and management

Then, I will explain one item at a time briefly.

1. Decide what to sell and where

Currently, there are 14 Amazon Market Place around the world and 175 or more Amazon Full Philth Center. In other words, by selling products at the Amazon Market Place in the area you want to target, you can easily start cross -border EC.

First, let's decide which Amazon Market Place to sell. When choosing a marketplace, you need to carefully determine which country and region the product you want to sell is suitable. For example, it doesn't make sense to sell electrical appliances that are not compatible with European voltage at the Amazon Market Place in Europe.
It is also important to note tax and law. Naturally, tax systems and laws vary from country to country. Perhaps in a country where you want to sell, you may not be able to sell due to regulations. To avoid that, do research in advance and acquire knowledge.

2. Register the product

Once you have decided on the products and areas you want to sell, register for the Amazon Seller Central and create a list of products. There are four rough steps for this.

Create an Amazon account

Create an Amazon account on the selected Amazon Market Place. Even if you already have an account at the Amazon Market Place in Japan (Amzon.co.jp), if you want to sell a product at the Amazon Market Place (Amazon.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.co.Ca), you need to create another account. there is.
There are some exceptions. You can use the same account between Amazon Market Place in Europe.

Check the guidelines for each market

When creating an account, you need to check different guidelines for each Amazon Marketplace. For example, information on valid credit cards, information on taxes,VAT numberThere is an Amazon Marketplace that must be sent to Amazon. In addition, in China, there is a possibility that the sales of foreign products may be restricted by laws and regulations.

Set the payment method

Choose the right one from the following three types.

  1. Use a bank account in the area to open Amazon Market Place
  2. Use the service that converts Amazon
  3. Use other currency conversion services

Register the product

Create a product list on the Amazon Seller Central. How to make a list is greatly involved in the search ranking of the product. Take the time to make a high -quality list carefully.

3. Decide the management and shipping method of product

The exhibited productFBA, FBMLet's decide which method to ship. If you select FBA, you can reduce the delivery time because you can deliver inventory to the Amazon Full Philication Center in each area, and that you can return and customer support through Amazon.

4. Sales and management

Let's set up a system for product sales. If you choose FBM (Full Filement by MARCHANT), you need to do it yourself, such as customer support or returned goods. However, if you do not know the local language, the level will rise considerably. On the other hand, in the case of FBA (Full Filled by Amazon), Amazon provides 24 -hour customer support in local languages, and can be returned.

In addition to Amazon, as a cross -border EC tool that is now attracting attention in JapanShopifyIs listed. It would be nice to compare the quality of each tool and use the best one for you.

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