[Travel] Cryity event with Kelly Turator and Shadorian for Fiji will be won by lottery charity event now!

Source: Omaze

11 TIMES WORLD CHAMPION Kerry Slater and Legend Big Wave Surfer Shakrian Charity Event tavarua
This time, he will stay at a 4 -star hotel hotel on a private island Tavarua Tavarua, Fiji, and surf with Kelly and Shane for seven days and take lessons. It seems that golf and fishing can be done. It seems that Kelly and Shane will lend the board. Moreover, the crew to shoot the surf lip comes with me, and Kelly and Shane will give you a board! He seems to be able to take his friend alone. That's exactly the best! Just apply from the link at the top right of this screen, but when applying, you need to donate $ 10 to $ 15,000 1200 yen to 1.8 million yen, you can easily pay with a credit card. The winning probability changes according to the amount donated (the more donated, the higher the winning probability). There is also something that can be obtained depending on the amount of donation. SCREEN SHOT 2015-10-22 at 10.04.18 AM For example, if you donate $ 1000, you will get GoPro, and if you donate $ 5500 (about 600,000 yen), you will get a Firewire board with Kelly. Sports Fundation The donation is More Than Sports Foundation, which will be used for childcare in Hawaii, skateboarding facilities, and scholarships for top skate borders. Speaking of Fiji Tavarua, Cloud Break, which also has a world tour, is famous. Probably if you are confident in winning, you may request and go here .. Expert break. Not only such waves but also beginners can enjoy it, so you can apply with confidence.

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