[Travel] Autumn leaves spot Sagami Lake Sagami Lake that can be reached in just one hour from Tokyo

One hour by car from Lake Sagami or Yokohama, which is just a good distance from Tokyo, is perfect for a little weekend drive.

"Lake Sagami"

Lake Sagami is a large lake located in Midori Ward, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. There are Sagami Lake Resort Pleasure Forests and popular spots as a leisure facility, so many people may have visited. Spring and summer is a place with lots of greenery.
The point is that Sagami Lake is cherry blossom viewing in spring, leisure in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, and in winter, Illuminations and seasonal ways. And among them, the autumn leaves of Lake Sagami are particularly beautiful! From here, please take a picture of the autumn leaves

The autumn leaves of "Lake Sagami" are too beautiful

The mountains surrounding Lake Sagami begin to turn vividly in late October. In particular, the autumn leaves of "Arashiyama", which are close to Sagami Lake Park, are beautifully reflected on the lake. You can enjoy it twice on the autumn leaves on the lake surface, which is unique to the lake.

In the case of a train, it is Kanagawa prefecture, but it is one station from Takao in Tokyo. If you pass the Chuo Expressway, you will arrive from Shibuya in less than an hour. Although it is close, it is a park where there are many nature and can be done slowly.

Lake Sagami is a perfect autumn leaves spot for a small walk or going out because it is located near Takao, Tokyo, even though it is Kanagawa Prefecture.
source: Suigen.jp

Recommended autumn leaves spots of Lake Sagami

Benten Bridge

Pleasure boat

The pleasure boat is also cute. By the way, this swan -shaped pleasure boat is the world's first.
While being swayed by the boat like this, it is good to watch the autumn leaves. It seems to be a good exercise.

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<< Address >> 317-1 Yose, Midori-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa << Access >> 10 minutes on foot from Sagami Lake Station on the JR Chuo Main Line << Best time to see >> late October to early November

Lake Sagami Tourism Association | Official HomepageWe will send seasonal information

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