Transition to SHOPIFY interview / Culture Entertainment

by Sasuga Tsutsumi

This time, we will introduce an interview with Culture Entertainment who requested the transition from EC-CUBE to SHOPIFY! On behalf of the project, we received cooperation from various people, including Maki.

We heard about the background of trying to move to SHOPIFY, the feeling of use after the transition, and the impressions of GO RIDE. If you are interested in the construction of SHOPIFY and the transition from other platforms, please visit us!

"Fan + Life" that provides "fun" to Life Style

Culture Entertainment is a business in planning and producing entertainment content such as media and IP products (goods production). OperatingFan+Life(Former T fan site) is the official EC site of T -card (character design) collaborating with anime and character artists. T -cards with exciting designs are appearing one after another, and many original collaboration items are being developed.

Let's introduce the interview immediately!

The inside of the company of Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Culture Entertainment Tainment Corporation Reception

Comprehensive merit such as strong servers

Embankment:First of all, what kind of trouble did you have in considering the shopify transition?

Maki:Originally used EC sites, when handling IP (Intellectual Property) goods where access was concentrated, there were events such as system errors, causing inconvenience to customers. SHOPIFY can order 10,000 orders per minute and have a stable server with a operating rate of more than 99.8%in the monthly cost, and is the leading candidate, and the possibility of customization by various templates, no, no. There were many advantages, such as down the operation cost by page editing in the code, so it was adopted.

After confirming the details, proposals and clear tasks

Embankment:Thank you for hiring from a comprehensive perspective. So, can you tell me why you chose us?

Maki:During our company, multiple companies were candidates, but the issues and realization images did not match, and we asked Shopify Plus Partner, who had developed SHOPIFY development. Among them, the design proposal after checking the details of the existing site, the point that the transition from the old site was clearly tasked, and the cost of the cost, such as the cost, selected Go Ride as a development partner. Thank you.

Solutions presented from various perspectives

I received an interview from the project manager.
Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd. Maki

Embankment:Thank you for your evaluation. Go Ride has clarified the requirements and proposes so that there is no difference after ordering. Did you feel about the staff's response and the gap between the staff and the gap before ordering?

Maki:I predicted that the understanding of the requirements of the backend, which mainly receives orders for reserved products, and the functions of the old site that we seek and the functions of SHOPIFY will not be easy, but the focus is on Slack. I had the impression that your company's staff was deepening while repeatedly exchanging quickly.

Also, I thought that it was a feature of Go Ride that a solution was presented to this request from various perspectives, without being trapped in one method. Specifically, I felt the ability to be backed by SHOPIFY development, such as the fact that it took almost a week to change the blog page -related information display to a simpler metafield setting, not a customization function. rice field. I didn't imagine the speed in that sense before ordering.

Expectations for SHOPIFY

Embankment:I am very happy to hear about our support. I think that we were able to take advantage of our strengths because we received accurate requirements from your company. How about your company's evaluation of the site you have built?

Maki:The administrator will inevitably seek the functions of the old site, but I hope that store analysis and detailed reports will be used for future product development and promotion. In addition, a request from another corporation in the group to tell us how the site was developed.

Future prospects

Embankment:Can you tell me about the future prospects in the EC business?

Maki:The sales ratio of EC is rising year by year. For our customers, we want to innovate both functions and products so that it becomes a more valuable e -commerce site.

Embankment:I hope we can help you to grow your company EC business in the future. Thank you for your cooperation while you are busy.


Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Go Ride Co., Ltd. is supporting the transition from other carts to SHOPIFY. If you are considering a little transition, please come by all meansHerePlease consult us!

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Sasuga tsutsumi

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