[Tomei -Shin -Tomei Upper and lower lines] Sa tour is a problem

That's right, Tomei and Shin -Tomei have a service area where the upper and lower lines are connected and you can make a U -turn. However, there is a problem with this, and there is also a problem that gets off the next section and only pays for one section. Example Take a U -turn from Yokohama Machida via the Tomeo Junction, and get on the new Tomei in U -turn and get off at Atsugi Interchange. There are three junctions connected to Tomei and Shin -Tomei. In order from Tokyo

1. Gotemba Junction

The descent is the Tomei and the Shin -Tomei branch, and the climb is only to join Tomei and Shin -Tomei. * However, it is not possible to go from up to the descent (be careful because it is not possible to go down from the Tome Tomei to the new Tomei from the new Tomei.)

2. Shimizu Junction, Shin Shimizu Junction

3. Three -day junction

There are no restrictions because the junction of 2.3. If you use these, you will be able to make a U -turn (loop / lap) without getting off the high speed, and you will be able to run like an example. The service area is very substantial, so I will return with a U -turn in the above interchange. You can drive a service area. The service area is increasing year by year, so the service area itself has become a tourist destination, and if your child is a small family base, you can go to the service area and return to the BBQ. The roof of the Okazaki Service area I went to the other day Img_1161 Children can play with artificial turf. Img_1162 Img_1164 Accommodation & hot springs in Ashigara Service Area Img_1182 hotel fee Img_1183 However, it seems that the highway operating company is taking countermeasures for such usage, and only one section has been driving after a certain period of time has passed. Or it seems that an error occurs when you try to get off at the same tollgate. If you self -report at a manned tollgate, you can pay the mileage. By the way, when it comes to interchange that can be used in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Daikoku Parking and Umihotaru are famous? It is convenient for meeting, etc., and it is convenient for a little drive. The fee is to pay the regular fee, but I would like the system side to respond quickly instead of self -report. If you get on, it's more advantageous! If you shake itGo Ride MADOKA BUS3

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