Three recommended pop -up apps in SHOPIFY!

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

What is pop -up?

SHOPIFY pop -ups are small windows and message boxes displayed on the online store web page.

You may have seen it once, such as sales promotion, discount coupon distribution, e -mail magazine registration, etc.

SHOPIFY pop -up

How to introduce a pop -up

There are various ways to display pop -ups in SHOPIFY. Here are some methods:

  • Embedded function of SHOPIFY theme

    • Many themes of SHOPIFY have a built -in function to display pop -ups. Check the theme settings and customization options to see if the pop -up function is included.

  • Use app

    • The Shopify app store has a variety of apps for creating and managing pop -ups. By using the app, it is possible to create a pop -up, targeting, and display conditions.

  • Custom coding

    • SHOPIFY can also edit theme and store code directly. Custom coding allows you to display a more flexible pop -up.

Reasons for introducing pop -ups in SHOPIFY

The big advantage of displaying pop -ups is to prevent users withdrawal. If you display a pop -up of a discount coupon or the like when you are at a loss for purchase, it is likely that it will lead to an improvement in the purchase rate.

3 recommended apps


You can create a pop -up using the email marketing tool Klaviyo. Customize the design and content and set it for the purpose of pop -up.

  • Synchronize all SHOPIFY data (website activities, tags, catalogs, coupons, etc.).
  • Build a detailed audience gardening
  • VIP Customers send dynamic coupon codes for basket falling
KLAVIYO pop -up


PRIVY is similar to KLAVIYOAn app that allows you to create a design of the email newsletter and a website pop -up.

It also supports popular spin -type pop -ups.

  • An email editor that can be easily used by dragging and drop. You can choose from abundant templates.
  • Dozens of pop -up display options to increase email and SMS marketing lists.
  • Support by expert

Woohoo ‑ Spin the WHEEL POPUP

Woohoo ‑ Spin The Wheel Popup is an application that can easily create a pop -up without coding. Because it is specialized in pop -up, it can be easily introduced.

It can also be linked with email marketing such as KLAVIYO and MailChimp.

  • Create a pop -up in a few minutes using Woohoo pop -up template
  • Set the discount displayed in the woohoo pop -up and the winning probability of visitors
  • You can customize the exterior of the game and match the exterior of the website


If you use the app introduced this time, you can easily install a pop -up.

There are various pop -up apps in the Shopify app store, so it is recommended that you select appropriate apps to your needs and preferences.

Go Ride can also support custom construction such as pop -ups that cannot be realized by apps.

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