Thorough comparison of members and point programs that can be used in SHOPIFY!

by Tomoe Onishi

Many businesses have received inquiries about the introduction and improvement of membership programs due to the timing of launching and transitioning of EC.

If you actually introduce a program, you will need a detailed UX design, but this time we will introduce the design points and the apps that can be recommended in SHOPIFY from the outline of the members and point programs.

What is a member / point program?

Members and point programs are marketing measures for companies to give benefits and raise LTV to "excellent customers" who use services and EC sites many times and purchase products frequently. It will be.

Also called a royalty program.

Examples of members / point programs

  • Providing benefits according to the purchase price, etc.
  • Bonus giving by referrals
  • Present and sample gift
  • Pre -sale of new products
  • Privilege grant by spreading on SNS
  • Points and coupons
  • Shipping fee, return free
  • Birthday gift
  • Invitation to members -only events
  • Distribution of members only

Benefits of members / point programs

Improvement of customer repeat rate

Various programs can increase customer royalties and connect them to repeat.

Improvement of customer unit price 

By increasing customer loyalty, you can expect to improve your unit price.

Reduced cost of new customers

Depending on the content of the program, it will also reduce costs for new customers.

Members / Point Program Design, Strategy Points

Imagine the behavioral psychology when you register as a member. New users who register new membersPhysical incentiveMost of the time you join.

Therefore, it is necessary to design by considering how to return and then repeat after enrollment and do not end.

The following three points of design and strategy are listed:

  1. Providing regular incentives such as points grant
  2. Utilizing the information of the collected customers to improve royalties with the optimal approach
  3. Collect KPI and strategically cooperate with sales and campaign measures

Since it has a lot of contact with users, the affinity with email and LINE marketing is very high, so it is good to consider linking with MA and CRM tools that meet your needs.

Recommended SHOPIFY app for members and point programs

SHOPIFY has many apps that can be linked, and there is no cost for the introduction period compared to zero development.

You can select an app according to the system design from multiple apps.

In addition, most member program apps have a CRM and customer management function, so you can make the optimal approach individually.

Where to poi

Management screen: Japanese
Display language: Japanese
Fee: $ 49/month ~

Poi is a point app developed by a Japanese development company.

Available from 1 yen per point according to Japanese commercial customs.You can set the grant points according to various marketing measures such as membership registration and campaign, as well as purchases.

We also provide a package that can request points to migrate when moving the site from other EC systems (paid)

It is also recommended if you want to link to the real store and the EC point because you can cooperate with SHOPIFY POS and Smagg Research (using Smageni Member Cooperation App OMNI HUB).


Management screen: Japanese
Display language: Japanese

Fee: $ 50/month ~

Easy Points is a complete Japanese and Japanese yen because it is an application developed by a Japanese development company. Of course, support is Japanese, so it can be used by Japanese businesses with confidence.

Points can be granted even outside of purchase, and points can be exchanged without exchange for coupons. (Be careful as some apps are needed unless you exchange the accumulated points for coupons!)


Management screen: English
Display language: English, Japanese, and other languages
Fee: $ 199/month ~ (free depending on the number of orders)

YOTPO (formerly Swell) is an app that is used in the EC of Japanese enterprise companies.

Points are very abundant, for exampleBirthdays, SNS sharing, friends introduction, newsletter subscription, reviews, content subscriptions, IG follow -ups can be provided according to conditions, etc., so you can design customers' royalties.

The UI on the user front side is easy to understand and sophisticated, and is also characterized by its customization flexibility.

In addition, it is possible to cooperate with MA tool KLAVIYO and RECHARGE of the sub -school application.


Members and point functions need to be done carefully in design, but if they are introduced, it will be a measure that can improve customer experience and satisfaction.

It is also important to use the information of customers collected after the introduction, so it is recommended that you consider whether to select a CRM -contained application or select an app that can work externally. 。

In addition to the app introduced this time, there are many applications with the same function and UX with excellent and unique members. (Each app is updated every day, and new apps are being released one after another!)

Go Ride Co., Ltd. can propose the optimal member / point app from the requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any other concerns about EC and SHOPIFY.

Tomoe Onishi

Tomoe Onishi


He is in charge of many EC site design and UI/UX design in Japan and overseas. Based on the experience of EC operation manager, he is good at design from the end user.


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