This is a great deal if you drive a long distance! ETC mileage service

Everyone loves it, a highway saving material! If you drive long distances frequently, register it is a great service.ETC mileage service SCREEN SHOT 2016-05-11 at 11.00.21 AM It seems that the high -speed fee is about 1 discount. Please check the site for details, as the discount rate varies depending on the administrative company on the highway. East/Naka/West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. costs 1 point for 10 yen, and if you apply for an automatic reduction service, 5000 points are accumulated. In other words, it seems that 5000 yen is automatically returned by a highway driving of 50,000 yen. If you want to return for every 1000 points, you need to go on the net yourself. Enter the card number used for ETC and the administrative number of the ETC in the ETC on the net and complete the registration! It was a little troublesome to find the management number of the ETC in -vehicle device, but it was easy to register. It is a very good service for those who go on a long -distance surf trip or road trip, or go to mountain climbing. In addition, since weekdays and morning and evening split are also applied, it is a more advantageous service for those who travel by car on weekdays. In the case of NEXCO East Japan, the application time isMorning evening discount
  • weekday 6 to 9 am in the morning, 17:00 in the evening
Unfortunately, the following highways near Tokyo and near Osaka are not eligible. Morning and evening discount map It is sad that Yokohama Shindo, Daiyohang, Higashi Sekisho are not applied personally. The price has risen the other day. The Metropolitan Expressway, Yokohama Shindo will be raised from April 1st, Yokoko Road, and the Ken -O Expressway will be reduced. However, there is no annual membership fee, so I would like to apply as long as it is a great deal. You can apply from hereETC mileage service new registration By the wayGo RideSave even more if you share! MADOKA BUS3

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