The world's most famous, but unknown artist = Banksy

Do you know a graffiti artist named Banksy Banksy? A graffiti artist from London, a graffiti artist who suddenly destroys street art on the streets of New York and London, and even wants to write graffiti on the walls of Palestine's residential wards, and many of his works are religious, politics, and various It is full of satire and looks like taboo. Banksy's real face has not been released, and it is a mystery how to make money and live. His work is very popular around the world, and is trading at auction at auction. The picture below was a successful bid for $ 228,043 about 27 million yen, just writing birds and grenades on the canvas picked up from some garbage dumps. In recent years, the price seems to be soaring due to his popularity and accompaniment. Source Ever/ source

Bethlehem, Palestine's Bank Sea's editorial department has actually shot in Palestine.

Img_7083 Img_0407 One of the most famous works Flower Thrower soldiers throwing flowers Img_0440 Img_7087 Graffiti written on endless walls Img_0513 We sell souvenirs such as Bethlehem T -shirts, Bethlehem T -shirts, which are said to be the only one in the world

London This is also a picture of the editorial department in London.

The following is now in glass to save the work written in the Show Ditch area in London. Img_0437 (1) Img_0171 (1) Unknown author Img_0732 (1) Various young artists with graffiti overflowing throughout the city are leaving their works


In recent years, it seems that Disneyland's parody art exhibition called DISMAL LAND (gloomy island) has become a tourist attraction in the western part of the UK. Dismaland5 sourceWikipedia

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