The page builder application "PageFly" has been localized for Japan

by Miho Kumagai

PageFly, a page builder application used by more than 80,000 SHOPIFY merchant worldwide, has been used in Japanese in 2021 and has been localized for Japanese SHOPIFY merchant. February 3, 2021PR TIMES announcedAs I did, there are a lot of SHOPIFY apps that have been localized for Japan.

Our Go Ride will support the introduction in Japan as the official partner of PageFly and update the latest information you are interested in. In this article, we will explore the potential in Japan through PageFly's co-function, Victor Bui and Go Ride members who are actually using the app.

1. About pageFly

One of the major features of SHOPIFY is that you can easily build an EC site without expertise in design, coding, or programming. Nevertheless, in order to convert messages and product features to users in an easy -to -understand manner, it takes some effort.

Therefore, we recommend the page builder application that can make a full -fledged page intuitively with No Code (no code)."Pagefly"is. On such a management screen, you can create pages freely. You can easily create a page just by selecting the element on the left and dragging and dropping.



  • Create page with no code
  • Supports SEO measures
  • Editor that can drag and drop more than 50 elements
  • Reduce the construction time by 50%.More than 70 -ten compatible with all page types and store nichesPlate
  • Achieves a seamless shopping experience. Responsive by default
  • Make a perfect mobile experienceEffective design for mobile

Compatible page:

  • LP for sales up (landing page)
  • Password page when the store is closed
  • Product details page
  • Price page
  • Collection page
  • Delivery/return page
  • ABOUT page
  • Inquiry page
  • Frequently Asked Question Pages
  • Blog page
For more information about functions and pricesOfficial app storePlease confirm.
You can create such a page with no code!


2. Message to Japan's SHOPIFY merchant

PageFly, a Vietnam, Victor Bui of Co-Founder, gave a message to the Japanese SHOPIFY merchant, including the background of the Japanese language.Click here for PageFly official website.
"No.1 Page Builder App Pagefly's co-fouder, Victor Bui. If you introduce yourself, you're a father, a CRO expert, and a passionate biker. I've been working with SHOPIFY for a long time. However, I think it was lucky to be able to witness such a global scale. Especially in 2020, SHOPIFY's leap in Japan has been remarkable, and thousands of PageFly are thousands of thousands of dynamic markets. We were able to provide services to users and led to the motivation to translate PageFly's UI in Japanese. It is proud of one of the SHOPIFY apps that leads to the use in Japanese, and for the Japanese market. I hope to be.

I am Victor Bui -Co -Founder of Pagefly- #1 Page Builder App. EEN WORKING WITH SHOPIFY FOR A WHILE AND VERY FORTUNATE TO Witness Incredible Global Growth of of theis e-commerce platform. Ands of Users from the Most Dynamic Market. That Motivates us to Translate PageFly UI to Japan. To Be One of the Leading Apps that Available IN JAPANESE AND DO SOMETHING FOR JAPANESE MERCHANTS. "

Pagefly Co-Fouder Victor Bui

3. Impressions actually used

I was in charge of building a SHOPIFY site on Go Ride, and asked what I actually used.

"There are many compatible apps, as well as good operability as a page builder app.
Various reviews, Product Customizer, apps such as crosses and upsels, KLAVIYO of MO tools, etc. can be created more freely by using these combinations and using them.
In addition, the response speed of support is the fastest in the SHOPIFY app."

"I like the fact that you can customize very flexibly and that you can easily create a moving page! Even if the SHOPIFY expert builds a site, we recommend that you can update and build pages yourself when considering the operation afterwards."

It is also a safe point that reviews at the SHOPIFY app store are very high.


4. Finally

EC operation is a fight against time every day. I want to welcome customers with the maximum performance in a limited time. Pagefly is recommended for such people. Go Ride emphasizes how merchant -sama can operate and grow the site after building a SHOPIFY site. No matter how well you have a site that is completed in SHOPIFY, it doesn't make sense to update it. Please feel free to consult with Go Ride to build an EC site that will continue to grow.

I would like to excite the Japanese SHOPIFY while cooperating with PageFly!
Together We Empower Shopify Mercients!

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