The integration of SHOPIFY and MailChimp is over! Continue to use MailChimp and recommended alternative apps


On March 22, 2019, the announcement of the end of the integration of SHOPIFY and MAILCHIMP was released. In fact, there is no MailChimp for Shopify in the app store. If you have used the app so far, you can use it until May 12, 2019, but you will not be able to use it after that. Therefore, a countermeasure is required in another month. This article introduces a method of continuing to integrate MailChim and recommended apps for those who are considering replacements.

About the end of the integration of SHOPIFY and MAILCHIMP

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How to continue to integrate MailChimp and continue to use

MailChimp also provides information to continue using a third party to continue using it. If you use Shopsync, Zapier,, etc., it seems that you can respond to store data synchronization and automation triggers. source:MailChimp for Shopify Solutions The above article also describes how to connect and move customer data.

I actually tried the integration work

This time I tried using Shopsync. It is very easy to set, the procedure is here. 1. First, download the "Shopsync" app in the app store. The app can be used for free. "SHOPSYNC" app 2. Open the app setting screen and press "Connect". 3. MailChimp account and password input screen will be popped up, so enter and log in. 4. Select the relevant list and press the "Start Sync" button. 5. The number of Products, Products, and Orders read in the "Current Sync Status" item is displayed. * If there is a lot of content to be read, it will take some time to reflect. 6. This is the completion of the integration. Let's also check MailChimp. A shop integrated into the Connected Site in the pull -down next to the account should be displayed.

Recommended app for those who are considering alternative replacements

I think it depends on the application, but it is an easy -to -use application.
You can list the collected address using pop -ups. It is also possible to automatically synchronize the list to MailChimp. It can be used from free.
You can create automatic emails such as abandoned cards on the easy -to -read management screen. You can use it for free if you send up to 50 people every month, but to remove the JILT logo from the email, you need to join a paid plan monthly.

MailChimp Migration Campaign: In the first three months, any plan can be used for $ 29 per month

Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS
There are many stylish templates on the easy -to -use management screen, and it is possible to link SMS and Google ADS for Facebook and Google Ads. There is also a free plan that can be used up to 15,000 Emails a month (2,000 emails a day).

MailChimp Migration Campaign: When migrating from MailChimp to Omnisend, we are offering 50 % of 3 months + 20 % discounts in 9 months

Also, marketing apps are selected from SHOPIFY. Please refer to this. (Updated from time to time.) Top Email Marketing Solutions


"Shopsync" is a recommended application for integration because it can be easily set for free. Also, there are several easy -to -use apps that can handle alternatives, so it may be a good opportunity to try various things before the end of the MailChimp integration.
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