[TECH] Japan's first event! I participated in Shopify Unite 2018 in Japan

ShopifyThe partner and developer conference "UNITE" was held for the first time in Japan on June 27, 2018, following the event in Canada in May 2018. The place is in ShibuyaTech Play This time, our Hirashima was also on stage.

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Shopify Unite 2018 in Japan

◯ Part 1 SHOPIFY's Japan deployment
  • The word of the opening by Ambassador to Japan in Japan
  • Greetings from SHOPIFY JAPAN Co., Ltd. Country Manager Mark Wang
  • Try using Shopify Tabio Co., Ltd. President's U.S. Business Development Officer/ Kazuhiro Takezawa
In the first part, it began with the opening of the opening of the Canadian ambassador to Japan, Ian Bernie, a special guest from the Canadian government. Tabio Co., Ltd. told me that Shopify was actually introduced and operated at the cross -border.
◯ Part 2 Unite JAPAN: Future of Commerce without borders at Japan and cross -border EC
  • How Shopify's new features change between Japan and the global commerce
  • How to expand the business as a partner (PLUS edition)
  • Experience story by unite participants
In the second part, about the new features and the details of the partner Plus in the future. ・ SHOPIFY PAMENTS ・ SHOPIFY MAKETING ・ 3D product display ・ Graph QL Admin API ・ Service marketplace ・ BOGO coupon ・ Dynamic check -out ・ SHOPIFY PLUS partner ・ Shopify Flow ・ SHOPIFY Scripts, etc. New functions will be added one after another, and there are many functions that are effective for management shops to conversion. In the experiences by Unite participants, our Hirashima announced a pattern held in Canada in May this year.
◯ Part 3 Partnership: Growth with the community
  • Keynot by JECCICA Japan E -Commerce Consultant Association Visiting Lecturer/ Takanobu Kono
  • About the current status and future of the cross -border EC seen from PayPal PayPal Pte. LTD. Channel Manager/ Yasuaki Tokumitsu
  • About Japanese e -commerce trends seen from Amazon Pay Amazon Japan joint company Amazon Pay Business Division/ Takuya Inogawa
  • Panel discussion by SHOPIFY partner (site construction / app development edition)
(Site construction edition) (App development edition) In the third part, a panel discussion was held by a partner, as well as a payment that was indispensable to Shopify. Many of the partners touched SHOPIFY and immediately felt that they were fascinated by their easy -to -use and fulfilling functions.
◯ Exchange meeting
Cheers greeting The food that was very satisfying with delicious sake and colorful appearance and taste was prepared, and it was a rich content to the end. Beer is provided by Anheiser Bush Inbeb Japan, which handles many beers such as Badweiser.

Shopify Unite 2018 in Japan Impressions

This time, we will participate and utilize the experience of the operating side of the shop that originated in SHOPIFY. I realized SHOPIFY love. It was a valuable experience to be able to experience the SHOPIFY community being formed every day in Japan. How about experiencing SHOPIFY, which seems to be more likely to make a breakthrough in Japan in the future?
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