[Tech] I tried using the SHOPIFY app "Kit"

The online shop business can be done with a personal computer, but there are many things to do and there are many things that are not well worked. "Kit" is an app that follows such a shop. Let's take a look at its functions and details, which are said to be virtual employees exclusively for SHOPIFY member stores.

What is "Kit"?

KIT will support you for communication and marketing activities with customers for free, so you will be able to use the time to learn and run marketing and hire experts. It is also possible to send text messages to customers in 17 countries.
〇 KIT will do it
・ Create advertisements for Facebook and Instagram ・ Set a Facebook dynamic advertisement that retires customers while visiting ・ Post information on Facebook ・ Send personalized Thank you mail to generate repeat purchases ・ Create a discount code and promote ・ Advertise new or stock to customers ・ Generate quick reports

Kit introduction method

1. Get Kit from theapp store. https://apps.shopify.com/kit 2. Cooperate with the business page of Facebook. 3. Select the app to be used when interacting with kit. 4. Approval and corresponding countries. 5. The introduction is completed!

Create Facebook ads with Kit

The exchange starts after calling Kit in "Hi Kit". KIT will guide the conversation, so it will proceed with a concise response. This time, I did not choose the work with the first question, but uploaded the photos I wanted to post in the ad. Click here for the advertisement created by this exchange * To post an ad, add a payment method for Facebook advertising expenses.

Apps that can work with Kit

Although it is almost a paid app, you can easily use excellent functions in cooperation with KIT. ・Seo Manager SEO app that improves search engine rankings ・Product Discount Create discount content, limited time sale, daily sale, etc. ・KIT KARTS We will notify you by e -mail that you have added products to the cart but have not checked out. ・Modalyst Add a new inventory to the store by one -click, one -click, drop shipping platform ・Spently Easily customize SHOPIFY notification email (order confirmation, delivery confirmation email, etc.) and advertise the product ・Orderlyemails Customize store notification emails ・Shoelace Post highly relevant advertisements related to your products ・Justuno Optimization of sales conversion by holiday promotion ・YOTPO Customer reviews that are useful for promoting sales ・Sufio Send an invoice to customers automatically ・Pixc Professional photo editing for product images


the other day"Shopify Unite2018] Was announced some new features scheduled to be released in the future. "Shopify ping" (2018 summer) is a chat application equipped with KIT. In this release, why not use KITs that are likely to be more convenient?
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