Wetsuit Lab @ Tsujido, a recommended specialty store for wetsuit repair

It is in October, but in the Shonan area, seawater temperature is unusually expensive this year, and the days of entering the sea with board shorts are still continuing, but it is the season of wetsuits. Easy maintenance of wet suits can be easily repaired with a wet shampoo, wet suit softener, and if the maintenance is a little torn, it can be easily repaired with a wetsuit bond. I want to maintain it frequently and use a wetsuit in a long and good condition. By the way, it smells so good that women may like it. I often have a wet suit bond, and I have fixed a little tearing. It's only here that the full suit that has been used for many years has been added to the wet suit bond and looks like Frankenstein. As you can see from the video below, it is surprising that even amateurs can easily fix it if it is a small cut, and if you actually fix it, water will not come in at all, so you can see that the heat retention increases and it becomes comfortable. In my case, even if you go too far or use it carefully, it will be broken for some reason! So it is an introduction of a recommended wet suit shop. thisWetsuit labThe place is next to Ramen Kagetsu, near Tsujido Kaihin Park. It would be repaired even if I sent it by mail, and it was usually a week, but I was able to do it in two days when I went to California the other day. The price was terrible and reasonable, so this is an introduction in this article. The price listHereThere was. What a fraying repair and rash repair from 1000 yen. My wife 1000 yen is from 1000 yen! ! ! SCREEN-SHOT-2016-10-03-AT-2-06-07-PM Especially in my caseSurf lipThree days before going to a business trip, I noticed the tear of the wet, and I was very helpful because I was in a hurry and sent me to respond. Because it is a specialty store, you can consult with you about purchasing a new wet. In addition, the blog also sends out the knowledge unique to specialty stores. This area was sweat that I didn't know at all. Precautions of wet suits with asymmetrical designs left and right WETSUITS LABO 〒251-0047 5-4-11 Tsujido, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture Shiose Mansion D TEL & FAX: 050-1046-5919 Business hours: 10: 00-19: 30 Regular holiday: Wednesday

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