[Surf Trip] How to pack the boardback (with video) that Dane Reynolds taught by Dane Reynolds is also released


source:swell.com He travels around the world around the world, which is very popular in Japan, Dane Raynolds, and taught me how to pack on surfboards.
I'm worried, so I'm trying to guard the rails on the outside of cardboard.
Tips for packing on Dane Reynolds boardback
  • Remove all fins
  • Put the fin in another container with the locker part down (Dane is on the contrary)
  • Make sure that Leash does not apply to the rails, and if pressure is applied during the flight, the board may be damaged.
  • Put a towel between the boards, this will not rub each other, and you can avoid the wax coming to the bottom.
  • Never put a hard sharp object in the board back, put it in your backpack
  • Fix with a belt firmly so that the board does not move in the back
  • Put clothes and soft luggage in the rails to guard the areas that are easy to dent.
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