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A day in the life

Source: YouTube Ibaraki Local Surfers Featuring the day of the days, in domestic surfmby, it seems that there are few works that include such a lifestyle, but it is a wonderful work that can be heard even to the breathtaking of Ibaraki's local surfer. It is. PARUO is also in charge of editing the video of the Yonosuke Memorial Cup.
Yonosuke Memorial Cup Hayama 2015 Opening Ceremony MovieJuly 26, 2015 (Sun) Shooting: Satoshi Izawa, Haruo Suzuki, Go Nakamura, Lee Loo Edit: paruohttp: //www.yonosuke-memorialcup.com/ Posted by Yonosuke Memorial Cup Hayama On Friday, August 14, 2015
The following works are also edited by PARUO. The natural image of Ibaraki, which is always tasty, is impressive. Grand Swell from Typhoon 16 -Surf Session at Ibaraki -August 2015 Grand Swell Core Surfer in Ibaraki Surf session for Ota Brothers
Yoshio Ono 5'3 "-19 3/4-2 1/8 Single & Twin Fin Twin Fin and Single Fin Ride

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