[Surf] English word collection slang available for surf lips

Jetty Jetty High Tide, Mid Tide, Low Tide Attached tide, medium tide, low tide Ding A repair shop with a dent of the board, ding repair
Example sentence "I want to get this board fixed, do you know event.
I want to heal the board, but is there a good repair shop in this city? Ding Repair
Type of wave Crumbling Wave Wave that slowly cracks Hollow Wave Digging waves Barrel Ride Tubleide tubes are called barrel barrel
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Pier Pier part found in Pier Hunterington Beach, etc. pier
Drop in Riding in front Drop in Sneak in Even though some people are trying to take off first, insert into the peak that is impossible SKI Jet skiing among surfers Swell Direction Swelling direction Pumping Good waves with swell and shoulders It's BEEN PUMPING FOR A Week. Surf out I'm completely tired because I surfed too much
I am Totaly Surfed Outso I Pass It Today. I'm tired and tired.
Deep Water Break The point of the point of the point of the big wave with a large amount of water that moves deep in the water depth Gnarly Narley "dangerous, dangerous"
RIP Riding is sharp (in the sense of cutting through the waves) Kill Decide perfectly
He was absolutely ripping. He Totaly Killed It. He was definitely good.
Air Drop Digging wave take -off like floating in the air
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Board type Log Long board Blade How was the high performance shortboard? I think it will be useful for your surf trip.

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