[SURF] Dane Reynolds ends a 12 -year relationship with Quick Silver

Source: The INERTIA It has become public that Dane Raynolds has canceled a 12 -year sponsor contract with Quick Silver. Indeed, a honeymoon relationship for 12 years has ended since Dane was 17 years old. It has been attracting attention not only as a competition scene but also as a cool free surfer icon in Japan. Kelly Slater has also been away from Quick Silver about a year and a half ago, but the big impact is probably the applicable for the quick silver bankruptcy law (Chapter 11). As a result, it is thought that it was not possible to reach an agreement on changing the expensive sponsor fee of Dane. (It is said to be over 300 million yen in a six -year contract in 2011) Dane Raynolds has already beenSummer TeethHe has launched his own brand, and as well as Kelly's Outer Known, he may focus on his brand business. It is rumored that VANS could be the main sponsor (Full time sponsor) at a price of about 200 million yen on the web. In any case, it is likely that the situation will continue to keep an eye on his activities in the future. By the way, the following is a wetsuit commercial that will be the last commercial of Dane's quick silver released last week.

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