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It's an inseparable relationship with surfing and even if you cut the car ~ I have a lot of thought because I surfed the world with various cars. Depending on the number of times to go to the sea, the distance to drive, the point to go (the presence or absence of the sandy beach, the narrow road), the number of people going to the sea, whether to stay in the car, etc., the suitable car is naturally different. I'm coming! First, let's check what kind of car the professional surfer, the master of surfing! Sally Fitzbbon Sally Fitzbon Land Rover Sexy & cute sari is supported by Land Rover. I always report on the feel by riding the latest Land Rover!

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Kanoa Igarashi Audi Q7 At the age of 18, I entered the WCT, and my first car is support from Audi Dealer in a local Huntington Beach. envy~

Thank you @circleAudi for my first car !!!

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Ma Shuze Ohno Mercedes GLC It seems that GLC is sponsored! that's cool! ! Mercedes is aggressive for a good surfer sponsor with Galette Mc Namura!
Masato Yukawa RANGE LOVER (LAND ROVER) Land Rover is a match with Sally. He seems to have two with the Prius. Do you use the Prius when you go far away?
Style Master, Higashi -Shigeaki Pro Impala 68 68 -year Impala! ! It's cool ~ Stylish to the car!

BLUE.X LAZYBOYSKILL collaboration coach jacket COMING SOON! #LAZYBOYSKILL #Impala68

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Big Wave Surfer Legend Galette McNamura Mercedes GLS I am riding various types of Mercedes supported by Mercedes. The photo is GLS. Not only is it supported, but he seems to be a surfer as a surfer and he seems to be feedback in various ways.

Who's Ready for some Golf Action ?? #Gls Unveiling and Awarding The Winner of the Tourney. #MB

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Julian Wilson Audi RS4 Wagon It is supported by Audi like Julian Wilson Kanoa, the most popular woman with sweet masks. The most high -performance RS4 is ..... It seems that when you are traveling around the world, you are receiving vehicles such as Q7 from Audi around the world. The wife is also a typical power couple of the model!

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Bruce iron Cadillac CTS The blues muscle car supported by Cadillac seems to like it and shows the power.

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Now let's return to reality from here! A trip to find a car that suits your lifestyle! I will write a character setting and recommended cars full of dogmatic and prejudice! The whole family or the whole family loves outdoors, and every year in the car

Hiace Super Long GL

After all, Hiace Long on the royal road is also possible to stay in the car with a family OK!
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They are mostly alone, and they are surfaced economically.

SUZUKI Hustler

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You can ride multiple people with a career with a career, and if you choose a 4WD model, you can run on bad roads. Comfortable that high -speed long -distance travel is unlikely to be light. And because it is a good fuel efficiency & mini car, the high -speed price is cheap, so you can move without spending! City Surfer this weekend is surfing in the morning and you can go straight to the joint party at night!

Porsche Macan

Screen-shop-2016-09-29-AT-5-54-25-PM For mid -length, medium loading is OK, multi -story parking lot in Tokyo, narrow alleys are OK, crisp ran!


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Like Makan, it runs on the crisp and the three -dimensional in Tokyo is also cool! In addition, X Drive is very excellent and does not know the stack on the sandy beach! The stability during high -speed driving is high, and the stability during cornering is outstanding in SUV! In my family, the surfer is a surfer with a narrow shoulder

Toyota Prius Alpha

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If you wake up at 4:00 in the morning, surf, surf, and return home at 11 o'clock, and if you don't save on gasoline, your wife's mood will be bad! Give up the points of bad roads such as Ibaraki beaches and major! Nevertheless, seven -seater is easy for family surfers to stack strong ally! Fishing, snowboarding, and camping are all -round, and both couples surf and work together to allow them to spend time and surfing time!

Land Cruiser 70

There is a manual option and you want to cherish the feeling of driving yourself perfectly for you who are outdoors Of course, the beach on the sandy beach does not stack SCREEN-SHOT-2016-09-29-AT-5-58-09-PM

Subaru Forester

The combination of eye site and cruise control is considerably reduced in long -distance driving fatigue. It is also high that the fuel economy is over 10km/l even though it is an SUV! The interior and the comfort of the car are also good all rounders!
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I want a cool surfer car, but cospa is important!

Jeep Patriot

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If you choose a 2WD car, the fuel economy is quite good in the jeep! The seat in the back can also fall and flatten, so staying in the car is comfortable! It's a surprisingly saving car! Because the height of the car is high, it is surprisingly difficult to stack, so you can run on a bad road even in 2WD! Beach Girl This is a wax and sunscreen that subscribes to HONEY every month for you who are organic!


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It also has surf racks, so if you buy a strap, you can easily stack the long, and the realistic fuel economy and vehicle price are also good! Click here if you read coffee and single fins every month!

Land Rover Defender

Deffender-Surf-girll Deffender It will be a picture no matter where you look, but it goes without saying that it is running, but you have to ignore the fuel economy lol No matter where you take a picture, it's stylish! Unfortunately, the production has been discontinued, so may I get a premium in the future? Click here for urban daddy Oceans readers who go both the city and the beach

Jeep Grand Cherokee

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The other day, I rented it in California for about a week, but there is a torque, and of course it can be used anywhere in 4WD. The company has a good livability and is hard to get tired even with long -distance driving. With an automatic brake radar, you can rest assured even if you back in the parking lot. It was good with a back monitor. How was that? I want to enjoy surfing life by choosing a car that suits my lifestyle! And after all if you shareGo RideMADOKA BUS3 Related article BIG WAVE SURFER's daily life to transfer the daily life of Instagram Photo & Jaws Epic Session Video 7 Instagram accounts that make you want to go to the surf lip Japanese surfers Instagrammer who color the beach life that surprising people are also doing

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