Subused PLUS partner recommended regular purchasing apps three features

Regular purchases (subscriptions) have become established throughout e -commerce, and the number of businesses to be introduced is increasing.
The same is true for the EC platform "SHOPIFY" from Canada.

Speaking of SHOPIFY regular purchasing apps a long time ago
There were many things that only support English,
Nowadays, Japanese support is commonplace.
Under such circumstances, "Go Subscride" developed by Go Ride is
What is different from other regular purchasing apps?

We interviewed the members who directly directed the app development!

You can enjoy the interview with videos! YouTubeGo GO!

Introducing the members who directed the company development app

Today, I would like to hear the story about the charm of Go Subscride to the app developers!

Immediately, miho asks for a simple introduction to what kind of work you are doing about Go Subcsride.

My name is miho, who is an account manager of Go Ride.
Regarding GO Subcride, I work with engineers from an engineer to plan app function development and design discussions on design.

Occasionally, when I have inquiries about the application from the customer, I will answer directly.

You're really working hard!
Immediately, I would like to tell you more about GO SUBSCRIDE, a SHOPIFY subscription app developed by Go Ride in the future!

Background that led to development

What kind of background did Go Subscript be developed?

If you are using regular flight functions in SHOPIFY, you probably know
Originally, the regular apps that could be put in SHOPIFY were only made overseas, and only in English, as well as management screens.
However, in October 2020, SHOPIFY also released a subscription API, and for us.Develop the most easy -to -use app for Japanese businessesI started developing with the thought!

We are happy if you can use it for Japan's merchant in the app that is developing for Japan!

Three characteristics of Go Subscride

From now on, I would like to tell you what kind of characteristics are compared to other SHOPIFY apps.

There are three main features of Go Subscript.

    Features ① Completely compatible with Japanese

Not only the management screen, but also the store front part that can be seen by customers is compatible with Japanese.

    • Management screen

    • Store front

    • Notifications sent to customers (response at the start of sub -skops or canceling)

    • Our support system (available in Japanese and English)

    Features ② Cooperation with SHOPIFY

    • Subsque options can be easily added to the products registered in SHOPIFY

    • By linking with SHOPIFY PAYMENT, you can complete from Subsque ordering to shipping in SHOPIFY.

    Features ③ SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER company

Go Ride has experience building a SHOPIFY site as a SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER.
Also, there are places where you can do one -stop from site construction to installation of apps.
It is a major difference from other apps and features.

I thought it was very attractive that the ease of app introduction and the support system in Japanese are in place!

How to install the app

Then, please tell me the flow when you want to introduce this GO SUBSCRIDE app!

The introduction of the app is very easy!
It's exactly the same as the feeling of installing an app on your smartphone.

If you search for "GO SUBSCRIDE" from the SHOPIFY app store, you can install it with one click.
or,HereYou can install from.

Support after installation

What is the support of after -sales follow -up after downloading the app or after purchasing the app?

We support by e -mail from Monday to Friday, a business day of Go Ride, so if you have any questions that you do not know or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

What kind of business do you recommend?

So far, you have told you about the background of Go Subscride and the features of the app.

Then, please tell me what the app is actually recommended for.

BasicallyThose who are using SHOPIFY and are considering regular flightsI recommend it, but it is an app that I would definitely recommend for those who are using other platforms now and are considering the transition to SHOPIFY!

Can I use it without knowledge after the business is actually introduced?

No problem! The UI on the app screen is very simple and intuitive, so
You can use it easily without coding knowledge.

Changes after the introduction of the app

Did you have any changes by introducing Go Subsuride in SHOPIFY construction?

From the customer who was in charge of everything from the construction to the installation of this app,"The burden of merchant has decreased significantly because the order is automatically generated every month in a state where it is almost unmatched."I'm asking!

In addition, there are many requests that the customer want to edit the order, change the product, and change the reached cycle, which can be changed from the customer's My Page.
The fact that the customer can change it from My Page, which reduces inquiries and reduces the burden of merchant!

Reviews from customers and reactions after introduction

Then the last question.
How about reviews and reactions of the client actually introduced?

I agree.

For Martunant, who was actually using an overseas partner app
From where this hurdle, which is in English, use our app,
In addition to the sense of security in Japanese, we have heard that it has become easier to use because it is an easy -to -read UI.

The rest is the easy -to -understand understanding of the month's monthly plan.
Our apps offer two plans.

There are two types: a 50 $ basic plan and a premium plan of 200 $ per month.

【Price list】

In other sub -schools, there are many systems charged for each order.
OurMonthly plan systemI think that the reason is that the price is easy to understand.

Today, I was told about GO RIDE's own development app!

Thank you for today!

thank you very much!

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