[Suburb the suburbs in Tokyo/around 5000 yen] 39 shops perfect for easy casual dates

A shop that can be used for casual dating near Tokyo and dining with friends Even though it is the first date, if you are too enthusiastic about Grand Maison or high -end sushi, you will be drawn easily, and even if you are invited, you can easily go and eat guts and have a highly satisfying shop. pick up 1. Dark Saka Azabu Juban The atmosphere of Azabu Juban's good Japanese restaurant and the atmosphere of the store are also good. I've never been to a Marunouchi store, but Azabu Juban has a better reputation 2. Ushigoro Nishiazabu The head office of a row of a yakiniku restaurant with several stores in Tokyo. Recommended when you want to eat without complaints. 3. AW Kitchen Shinmaru Building AW KITCHEN A good Italian building in the Shinmaru Building with a good atmosphere is very classic, but good usability is delicious. 4.Mango Tree Maru Building The scenery from the recommended window when you want to eat ethnic such as a safe Thai Thai curry 5.Yakiniku Toraji Takeshiba Intercontinental Because it is inside the hotel, the atmosphere is very calm and you can talk slowly. The window is also large and open. A secret yakiniku that is often relatively vacant even on weekends 6. CSienda Del Sielo Daikanyama A convenient Mexican. On the top floor of the Daikanyama building, the terrace seats are large and easy to use. However, once the seat is decided on the terrace, it seems that you can not move, so the room is safe on bad days. It will be exciting as a meeting place for everyone to go to the night city. 7.San and Juzabu Juban The teppanyaki of Azabu Juban is very delicious and the taste is very delicious. The location is convenient, so moving to the second house smoothly 8.Kanei Azabu Juban Former professional baseball player Kinishi is the owner's okonomiyaki restaurant Teppanyaki? The cospa with many seafood menus like this is also very delicious, so it is very crowded on weekends, so I personally want to go on weekdays. 9.Dalmat Nishi -Azabu Nishiazabu Italian can be enjoyed without stretching shoulders. The inside of the store is a little narrow, but the taste is solid, and it feels just right. If you have a gibier (pigeons, etc.) that you are not good at, it is good to tell in advance. 10. Teppanyaki Tenmoto Maru Shinmaru Building The store in the Shinmaru Building, which is convenient to invite people working in Marunouchi, is small, but the cospa is good and the taste is good for teppanyaki. 11.Hida Nishi -Azabu In this list, it costs a little, but Japanese food, pork shabu -shabu, and waterpin hot pot are the main. It will be warm with the perfect pot material in the coming season. Cospa is also good. 12.Kintaro Kagurazaka A small yakitori restaurant, just delicious. 13. JOE'S SHANGHAI Jaws Shan High Ginza Ginza store Cospa, a famous store with small dragon wrapping in New York, is good, so it's good to put it easily. 14. Beef Kitchen Nakameguro Although it comes out in the Yokohama area, it has a stylish atmosphere, but the taste is very good compared to a store with the same price range. Yakiniku restaurant where the staff wants to repeat well and repeat 15.Matsugen Azabu Juban It's just right after heavy meat dishes continue every day with a calm atmosphere 16. Ostraire Roppongi If you want to eat oyster at a standard oyster bar at a reasonable price 17. Grand Central Oyster Bar Shinagawa Safe choice when you want to eat the standard oyster bar seafood alongside Ostrair 18. Tribeca Shinagawa Similarly, it feels like a jazz live restaurant Blue Note and Billboard with a good atmosphere in Shinagawa 19.Filicecent AnniShibuya It seems that there will be a good idea to meet a shop counter that seems to be a good way to invite your colleagues on the way home from work in the Italian bar in the Italian bar in Italian bar in Italian bar in Dogenzaka. 20. Cuffer Matica(Caffe Aromatica Cafe Romatica)Shinjuku The location is delicate and it is convenient to go by car or taxi, but the taste is solid and the atmosphere is good. Late at night 10:00 Last Order 11:30, so late dinner is OK 21. Phonic Hoop From Shinjuku Station, walk around Yasukuni -dori in front of Shinjuku Gyoen for less than 10 minutes, and you will find the shop on your left. The atmosphere is very good and the price is reasonable. Shops suitable for girls' associations and casual dates 22. Ema lounge(Emma Lounge) Shibuya The bones are slightly broken before reaching the hill and the store on the slope, but the atmosphere is like a retreat. For Shibuya, the seat feeling is wide and relaxing. Although it is a basic cafe, the impression that you can eat solid food for the cafe rice 23.SAVOY and Totchizu (Savoy) Azabu Juban It offers a pizza specialty store about a 5 -minute walk from Azabu Juban station, and offers one seasonal ingredient. The inside of the store is small but very high quality and high satisfaction. Even friends can enjoy it casually. 24. Kaion 701 Kaion Nana Maruichi Azabu Juban There is also a hidden lounge terrace on the 7th floor of the apartment of Azabu Juban, which is easy to use in the second floor, and the sofa seats on the second floor have TV and DVDs, so you can use them as if you were playing at your friend's house. The authentic bar is very easy to use when it is too quiet to talk. 25. HanabusaAzabu Juban The eel shop in the same building as Kaion701 is relatively small, but you can eat quite high quality eel. 26. Cicada Shikada I moved to Shikada and Omotesando, which used to be in Nishi -Azabu, but the atmosphere is good. The theme is Mediterranean dishes, but you can also eat Tajin pot, a Moroccan dish. It will be good for the coming season. By the way, Cicada, Beacon, T.Yharbor operates the same. 27. Beacon Beacon Aoyama You can enjoy the steak casually and have a good atmosphere. The best impression of cospa in the steakhouse in Tokyo. Casual compared to Two Rooms and THE OAK DOOR Oakdore. 28. T y HARBOR Tiwihaver Tennozu Isle It is recommended to take a taxi or car because it is far from Shinagawa Station. However, this is a restaurant with Brewery, so if you want to enjoy alcohol, it will be a taxi. There is a cafe next to it, which can be used for Sunday lunch dates. However, the congestion is terrible, so it is safe to check the waiting time in advance before heading.

Yokohama area

29. BEEF Kitchen Beef Kitchen Yokohama Station A convenient location and cospa is also good until midnight, about a 5 -minute walk from the west exit of Yokohama Station. The atmosphere is good and the points are high 30. Shishiriya Kannai An exquisite pizza shop that is doing until about 2 o'clock in the middle of the night. Since it is very crowded on weekends, the highest beer is also the highest beer. 31. Yoyama Murasaki Kannai Recommended when you want to be a hideaway in a Japanese food (Obanzai, Kyoto cuisine) in Kannai 32. Alpine Low Ise Saki Town Yokohama Curry's highest peak steak curry has a lot of volume, and on weekends it is very crowded, so it is recommended to make a reservation or shift the time zone. 33. Latin Darossa Sakuragicho It is easy to reach by Italian car with high total points, including services and cospa 34.Trattoria Biko Role Yokohama Hiranuma Bridge Near Hiranuma Bridge, the access is poor, but the atmosphere of the store is warm and easy to enter, and the taste is very solid I think it will be a little over 5,000 yen for Italian, but its value is enough. 35. The Rigoletto Ocean Club(The Rigolette Ocean Club) Yokohama station There are several stores in Rigoret -affiliated stores in the suburbs of Tokyo, and the atmosphere is good classic and many young people use it for joint party on a safe weekend. 36. Leone Martiano(Leone Marciano)Minato Mirai The wide shop staff is also affectionate and pleasant and tastes good. 37. Cafe 88(Ayight) Motomachi Chinatown There is also a terrace seat, and there is a sofa seat in the room. It is a cafe with a good atmosphere, but it offers a solid meal. Pet OK for terrace seats 38. Anchor groundCarriageway store The new bal meat on the outskirts of Minato Mirai is the center, so you can use it when you want to drink meat in a snack, so good meat is good, but the quantity is small. 39. Takeyutei Yokohama Sogo storeYokohama station I personally prefer this taste, because it is easier to use this taste, because it is easier to use here.

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