Six ways to enjoy frigid sessions in Iceland and surfing winter


Recently, it has been featured in surf movies such as Castle in the Sky and is popular, and is popular Iceland. Prices are stupid, but if you can surf, the points are definitely rattling.

Unfortunately, when I stayed around December 2014, I couldn't surf at all.

By the way, Iceland has a surf guide shop called Arctic Surfers.

If you have the opportunity to go, please contact me

SCREEN SHOT 2015-12-14 at 10.25.48 AM In addition to the INertia and my dogmatic and prejudice.
1. Mainly maintain tools such as wet and boots

It's a good wave, but it's cold and it's inevitable to round up the session on the way.

Is there any wet water that I bought last season?

The amount of repair of about 30 minutes can be mistaken and the water invades, and it becomes warmer.

Even if you don't think it's broken, I think it's often the case that a small cut is made and seawater is invading from there.

I repaired it using the following, but the gap between small rubber was perfect.

2. Because it is easy to dry, do not forget to lipbeat or vaseline

You tend to break your lips in the dry winter air, so let's apply it properly.

3. It is important that your body is warm before changing clothes
Even if you move by car, there are some points check, so let's wear a warm down jacket.

Also, before entering the sea, it is better to warm your body with a car heater or warm milk tea.


4. Consider the weight of the wet and the depth of the water

I didn't know this, but is cold seawater concentration? It seems to be darker and heavier than the southern seawater.
(There was no scientific basis, so please let us know if you know it.) So, a board with a slightly volume (buoyancy) is preferable.

Certainly, if it is a 5mm rubber wet, I think that more than 2 kilometers will increase, so buoyancy boards may be easier to use.

5. Change clothes after surfing

Of course, if you have an oversized van (Hiace, etc. with the back seats, etc.), you can change clothes comfortably among them, but it is not often the case, so use a hot water shower.

Also, if you change clothes in places where the wind is difficult to hit using a car, the perceived temperature will be completely different.

Of course, poncho is essential.

6. Have a pleasant time after surfing

Anyone who has surfed in winter will know, but there is a mysterious comfort not found in summer surfing.

I am a convenience store, but I am a meatman and a cafe latte, but overseas many people drink whiskey to warm the body after surfing in winter.

It looks like a whiskey with a surf camp.

Before I went on a trip, I bought the following book and referred to it.


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