Site production story at SHOPIFY I heard from an overseas EC site launcher [Part 1]


This time, the apparel manufacturer in my previous jobKamakura shirtI interviewed Miho, who was the person in charge of the EC site for US USS. Miho's company introduced SHOPIFY PLUS on the US EC site, but said, "How the US site was launched, it was good for SHOPIFY, and on the contrary, and solutions. Regarding the operation, such as "operation, I asked what I was worried about from the start of the site to the subsequent operation.

The background of launching a US site

Please tell us how you started the US site.

Originally, we started cross -border EC in 2013. This is an EC site that ships products from a Japanese warehouse for the whole world other than Japan.
The United States accounted for over 70 % of sales as the sales were gradually increasing.

Why was American sales so high?

It was big that the actual store was in NY. The customer who purchased the product at the store repeatedly repeated the online store.
However, at that time, it was a cross from Japan, so we heard that it took time to deliver, the difficulty of customer service due to time difference, and that customers were afraid of charging tariffs. Based on them, we decided to launch a US EC site to provide better services.

Time series

  • Opened the store in October 2012 in NY
  • April 2013 EC site started
  • Research period of about one year
  • April 2018 US site started

Until the EC site launched at SHOPIFY

It is said that a US site was created in -house instead of requesting outside, but how long did it take to release?

In April 2018, the EC site for US was released on SHOPIFY. I've been researching for about a year ago, and it was completed in about six months since I actually created the site.

I almost made it in -house, but it was SHOPIFY PLUS, so I proceeded with the advice of SHOPIFY PLUS's launch manager and success manager. There is no SHOPIFY PLUS manager in Japan, and at that time he was introduced to Australia. In Australia, there was no time difference, but all communication was in English.

Regarding site production, it feels like a launch manager, and the subsequent operation advice is a success manager.
However, they give advice, but they do not do the actual work, so they need to do everything on their own.

I want to ask why I made Shopify Plus.

It's a support system. It comes with a 24 -hour support, and a specialist of SHOPIFY PLUS will tell you a lot. It seems that SHOPIFY PLUS was the choice from the beginning in terms of company sales.

By the way, how many teams did you proceed with the site production project?

Until the launch, it was moving with about 5 people.There was a support system for SHOPIFY PLUS, so this small group could be done.I think. I think it's a great point that they are SHOPIFY's specialists, so they will tell you whatever you don't know, and if you can't solve any questions, it's a great point to reflect on improving the function.

However, as I mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as actually touching the store and fixing it, so it is possible to build a site on a tripod in partner with SHOPIFY partner. I have. Like the design, you can also find an app.

"ADA -compatible" and "POS, reward program cooperation" which were stumbled in the construction of the site

Please let me know if you have any stumbling points in building a site.

BigADA (accessibility)is. This is a problem that could not be solved with internal resources.I thought it would have been better to have a partner because it was a content that I should know if I did EC in North America.

Isn't it the era of mouse operation only? What is the ADA compatible to be considered now?

I linked the online, the POS of the store, and the reward program to measure omni -channel, but this was also difficult. As a solution, we have created a sink tool from scratch to synchronize. Since there were many SKUs, the POS was quite customized so that processing could be easily done, and it was difficult to switch to SHOPIFY POS. If you were using SHOPIFY POS from the beginning, you might have been able to work easily.

What were you happy with SHOPIFY?

The first is without a designer or coderI was able to create a site relatively easily inside the company,about it. However, I think there was a point that I thought because there was an in -house resource that I could do in English.

The second isCheapness。 The first cross -border EC site built was expensive just by building it. 。
The cross -border EC site used a Japanese platform. So, for example, it was necessary to create all functions for dealing with overseas response, such as being able to respond to English, enabling people's addresses to people all over the world, so that they can be settled with US dollars. 。

SHOPIFY PLUS costs $ 2,000 per month, but I think it's still cheap because there is no initial cost.

The 3rd oneIt is a global platform.The above points that were difficult to build cross -border ECs have already been resolved because they have easy -to -use functions for people around the world.

Along with that,The extensions in the app are enriched.Once it was built on a domestic platform, I thought it would be difficult to move because it would be expensive even if I wanted to change it afterwards.
SHOPIFY can add an app if necessary, and if it is inconvenient, you can easily lose it. You can use the whole app made by programmers around the world at a low price.

There are quite a few things you want to extend the functions with EC. I think there is a trend at that time.

There is a trend. After that, you can change the theme, so I think it is easy to renew the appearance with the same function!

If you want to know more about the theme,HerePlease refer to the.

Supplement to the theme

If you change the theme, the code inside the store will also change to a new one, so depending on the app, you need to synchronize with a new theme.
Apps that are linked to external services and solutions (for example)KLAVIYO), But basically, it is almost always necessary to synchronize on the application setting screen. Synchronizing will make the new theme code add and overwrite each app code.
However, the work is relatively simple, there are apps that can be easily automatic with one button, and if you need to work in the manual, but if it affects multiple code, the app developer is free of charge. There are quite a few patterns that give me.

laterAll designs are responsiveThat's a good point. It seems normal and not normal.

Another thing about the good points.The fact that coordination with the warehouse was smoothis. There are many warehouses in the United States that already have a lot of SHOPIFY merchant. I chose from the SHOPIFY PLUS introduced by the PLUS, so the time to decide the warehouse was shortened. I went to NY twice in the warehouse preview in the six months of the starting period, but I think it was still quick!

Regarding operation

The management and analysis of sales was almost enough with the tools in SHOPIFY. The analysis was used in combination with Google Analytics.

What I used for operation
"Apps for returned goods:Aftership returns center"Customer -compatible chat tool app:REAMAZE LIVE CHAT HELPDESK"" Royality Program App:Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals "These are about three.

as a side noteHotjarThe app was interesting because it was interesting to see the movement on the customer's screen, so it is recommended to try it with a fret life!

Regarding order response, SHOPIFY's store and warehouse were linked in API.
If the customer requested an order change, the cooperation was too fast and it was difficult to respond. smile
The cart part included a note saying, "It may be difficult to change the order because it will be delivered quickly after ordering. Please check the order details." increase.
So it is difficult if there is no staff that can handle customer in real time.

It seems a little annoying to be shipped before changing the order. How was the return support?

Regarding return support,AfterShip ReturnsI used it. This is an application that allows customers to apply for return from SHOPIFY. This is the procedure in which the customer sends a return item when the store approves.

The rest is accounting. A third -party payment agency was introduced to make it the same as a real store payment. There was no problem because it was easy to choose from SHOPIFY.

In the state tax and city tax, we introduced an automatic calculation app, which was very helpful.avataxThis is an app. The United States is very complicated, such as different TAX depending on the state and product, so you need an automatic calculation application.

What did you think.

If you have any questions about building an EC site at SHOPIFY, please feel free to contact us.

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