Shopify theme selection and design design. Improved sales by selecting appropriate themes according to the product!

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

SHOPIFY's theme selection and design design must be decided at an early stage after building an EC site.
Selecting an appropriate theme according to the product and implementing a user -friendly and attractive design will lead to improvements in conversions.

This time, we will introduce the precautions for selecting the theme and the requests that have been made in actual projects!

Matters that you should pay special attention to when selecting a theme

  1. Select a theme suitable for merchandise

    1. It is important to select the best theme for the products and services to be sold. SHOPIFY offers a wide variety of themes for industries.

  2. Customization

    1. Check the customization option provided by the theme and consider whether it can be adjusted according to the image and demands of the brand.

  3. Speed ​​and performance

    1. Page loading speed greatly affects user experience. It is important to select a theme that works smoothly and smoothly.

  4. SEO optimization

    1. It is important to select a theme optimized for SEO to enhance visibility with search engines.

  5. Simple of navigation

    1. It is important that users can easily find products and find information.

Select a theme suitable for merchandise

It is very important to choose a theme that suits the product. Choosing a different theme from the image of the product may not only make the product look attractive, but also choose a functional limited theme.

SHOPIFY theme list
SHOPIFY theme list

The SHOPIFY theme search page allows you to narrow down each product (industry).
Here, it is often the case that the theme is roughly narrowed down according to the product.

Theme preview

Preview the theme and check the actual function. You can actually introduce the theme you like to the store, display images and texts in the section.

Shopify Spotlight theme

Theme selection according to your request

Depending on the product, I think that some parts that you want to be particular about and how you are particular about the functions will appear.

Here are some requests from the client.

Product preview

It is a function that allows you to preview without clicking the product.

It is equipped with many themes, but if it is not provided, you will need to customize it.

SHOPIFY product preview

Click the brand name to the list page

It is a function that transitions to the brand list page when you click the brand name on the product page. (Red frame part)

The brand name could be displayed, but there were many themes that were not linked.

Shopify product page brand link

We will hear the client's request and select a theme with such functions.

Even if there is no function, it is possible to handle it by custom!


The first hearing is important when selecting the SHOPIFY theme.
It is possible to customize the app and theme and add functions later, but it will take time and time.

I want to choose an appropriate theme that matches the product and the necessary functions.

Go Ride also conducts custom themes according to the client's request.

Please feel free to contact us!




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