SHOPIFY Subsque app "Go Subscride" and "Next Engine" have started cooperation


Subsque order application developed by Go Ride Co., Ltd., a SHOPIFY PLUS partner based in Japan and LA"GO SUBSCRIDE"and"Next engine"Was linked.

The regular flight app GO SUBSCRIDE developed in -house
We cooperated with more than 5,000 contracts, SHOPIFY, Amazon, Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping, which can centrally manage multi -channels such as shopping.

◾️ Features of GO SUBSCRIDE

Go Ride, a SHOPIFY PLUS partner, devised and developed

In conjunction with the construction of a SHOPIFY store, LP production, email marketing, advertising operation, etc., we offer a one -stop proposal for a sub -skook.

We are close to various businesses' sub -school business models and accept new functions (we will consult separately about additional development costs).
Please feel free to contact us.


No fees! Two monthly plans. (Both plans can link next engine)

■ $ 50 Basic Plan
① Easy regular purchase options on the product page
② SHOPIFY Payment, SHOPIFY discount coupon compatible
③ Multiple sub -school registration for each product and variations (eg, every day, every week, every year, every year, etc.)
④ Discount rate settings for each sub -skirt (eg, 10%OFF per month, 5%OFF for 2 months, etc.)
⑤ Limited discount for the first time, the second limited discount, etc. (SHOPIFY discount coupon adaptation)
⑥ Analysis / management
-Total contract number
-The number of active contracts
-Total sub -skop sales
-Subsque contract management
-Subsque customer management

⑦ Set notification email to customers ・ Customize
-Subsque start / update / cancellation
-Credit card payment failure
-The next order 〇An notice

⑧ What you can do on your own on My Page
-The contract confirmation (product, price, first order date, next order date, delivery address, credit card change)
- cancel
-Spap / resume
-Changing credit card information

■ $ 200 Premium Plan ① All functions of basic plan
(2) From the management screen, the merchant orders a sub -school (it can also be used for migration from other sub -schools and platforms)
③ What you can do on your own on My Page
-Delivery date and time, delivery plan specification and change
-Subsks skip
-Changing the delivery address
-Changing products and product options
-Changing the sub -skirt cycle, etc.

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HereYou can see the information on the press release.

If you are considering regular flights, please come by all means.Inquiryplease give me!


One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.