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October 2020 when the SHOPIFY neighborhood was buzzing.

Make SHOPIFY check -out and a subscription (regular purchase)API has been announced

With this API, experts and developers have become able to build a seamlessly connected subscription with SHOPIFY PAYMENT.

Therefore, Go Ride has developed a full Japanese language, simple UI/UX, so that many merchandise can be used by many merchantes, and provide regular flight functions as a SHOPIFY store construction option for Japanese businesses. It has started.

news release

Subsque at SHOPIFY! We have launched and introduced the regular flight EC solution "GO SUBSCRIDE" for Japan!

This time, I asked Jack, a GO RIDE engineer who was in charge of the development, and what kind of work he was doing as a GO Ride engineer!

Meet Jack! Go Ride engineer

Please tell me what kind of work you are doing as a Go Ride engineer!

Currently, we mainly add new functions to SHOPIFY, "GO SUBSCRIDE", which we announced the other day, add new features, customize themes, and fix bugs. Sometimes you do research so that you can make suggestions that meet your needs. It's a challenge position, but it's a very rewarding job at the same time.

Subsque development secret story at SHOPIFY. What is your reaction?

The sub -school solution we started this time is characterized by being easy for users to use. For example, it is a simple management screen, or you can add options for normal purchases and sub -skop purchases without being separated from inventory. Did you have something difficult in the development process? Also, at the time of the initial launch, please tell us why you focused on such UI improvements.

Since Shopify released the API, it was quite difficult because the development period was short. Against this background, I first made it simply and easy to understand so that I could customize it according to the needs of merchant.

We have already received a lot of inquiries from the release of "GO SUBSRIDE", but while hearing various requests through hearings, what functions are you planning next?

First, make sure that you can change the contents of regular purchases from the membership page. And we are developing so that the delivery date and time can be specified according to the Japanese business customs.

GO RIDE Company Culture

Next, I would like to ask Jack's work at Go Ride. What do you feel like working at Go Ride?

The team is very good! The atmosphere is to cooperate with each other. Most members are fluent in English, but they have the opportunity to listen to Japanese conversations and speak themselves, so it's very fun. I often go to a company lunch (everyone is always looking forward to it!), But there is no such thing as a go -ride that you can't be nervous or natural in front of a common boss!

Leave it for customization

I agree! I am always looking forward to the company lunch. What has Jack doing in SHOPIFY's customization and development?

In terms of customization, we have created themes from scratch and making apps. I am developing and proposed when there are many large merchantes, and if there is a company's unique requirements and a solution that matches it. The apps in the SHOPIFY app store do not always fit all the merchant, so if you think "I wish you could do this," I hope you can consult us!

World vs. Japanese EC culture and SHOPIFY in the future

When you live in Japan from Australia, are you surprised by the Japanese EC industry and commercial customs? I think. In particular, e -commerce in Japan has been growing dramatically in the last few years. From Jack's perspective, what kind of support can SHOPIFY and GO RIDE provide support for Japan's merchant?

Speaking of e -commerce, I think Japan has its own culture compared to the world. In some respects, I think it's late from the times, or in some sources it has evolved very much. SHOPIFY can also cooperate with the shipping company, so I think the functions such as the delivery date and time we mentioned earlier would be pleased with any merchant. Other than that, if documents related to the development of APIs are more Japanese, I think it is good for Japanese developers who are not good at English and for the Japanese EC industry!

This time, an interview with GO RIDE engineer Jack! Was delivered.

If you have any requests and consultations that say "I wish you could do this with SHOPIFY", please contact Go Ride anytime!
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