Shopify store stops? Explain the possible reasons!


SHOPIFY is a popular platform for building and operating online stores. However, occasionally the store may stop. It's a problem if the store you made over time stops. In this article so that this does not happen, let's learn and prevent the main reasons that can stop the Shopify store in advance! If your store stops, it is important to understand the cause and how to deal with it.

Payment process problem

The SHOPIFY store uses a payment gateway to handle customers. Here are some scenarios that the store may stop due to payment processing issues.

  • Payment gateway disability: Even if a customer pays, the processing may not be completed normally due to the impairment of the payment gateway.
  • Inadequate payment information: Customer payment information is incorrect or incomplete, and payments may not be successfully processed.
  • Suspicion of illegal transactions: SHOPIFY is monitoring illegal transactions, and if you are suspected of misconduct, you may be stopped at the store.

Legal issues and regulation violations

SHOPIFY is developing in various countries and regions. Certain stores and products may be banned at the request of governments and regulatory authorities. Here are some scenarios that the store may stop due to legal issues and violations of regulations.

  • Sales of prohibited products: If a specific product is prohibited by the government or regulatory authorities, the store that sells the product may be stopped.
  • Depreciation of copyright and trademarks: SHOPIFY respects intellectual property rights, and may be suspended if there is a copyright or trademark infringement.
  • Regulation violation:SHOPIFY is seeking to comply with law and regulations, and if there are illegal and violations of regulations, the store may be suspended.

Security concerns

SHOPIFY emphasizes security of customer information and payment information. Here are some scenarios that the store may stop if there are security concerns.

  • Concentration of security infringement: If the store security is determined to have a problem, the store may be stopped.
  • The existence of malware:If the store is determined to have malware, the store may be stopped to protect customer data.
  • Detection of unauthorized activity:SHOPIFY monitors illegal activities, and the store may be suspended if fraud is detected.

Violation of the Terms of Use

SHOPIFY has the Terms of Use, and the store operator needs to follow this. Here are some scenarios that can stop the store due to violation of the Terms of Use.

  • Use of unauthorized sales methods:SHOPIFY emphasizes fair business practices, and if you use unauthorized sales methods, the store may be stopped.

  • Providing false product information:If the store is determined to provide false product information, the store may be suspended due to the risk of customer trust.

Server problem

SHOPIFY is a cloud -based service, and the store is operated on the SHOPIFY server. Here are some scenarios that the store may stop due to server issues.

  • server maintenance:When regular server maintenance is performed, access to the store may be temporarily restricted.

  • Server disability:If the server has a failure, the store may not be available temporarily.

  • Large traffic:If a large amount of traffic is concentrated on the store, the server may overload and the store may be stopped.


There are a wide variety of reasons why the SHOPIFY store stops, but this is a common factor in payment processing, legal issues, regulatory violations, security concerns, violations of terms of use, and server issues. If the store stops, contact SHOPIFY support and identify the cause of the problem. By taking appropriate measures, you can speed up the store!

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