SHOPIFY raises monthly usage fees! Explain how to use it at a cheap price as before!


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Increase the price of SHOPIFY usage feesIn this article, after explaining the new fee,How to maintain a cheap usage feeI will also summarize.

It is important information for both people who are currently selling at SHOPIFY and those who are thinking about sales in the future, so please take a look to the end!

New price


Let's take a look at the content of this price revision.

From January 23, 2023

Basic $ 25 → $ 33

Standard $ 69 → $ 92

Premium $ 299 → $ 399

The monthly usage fee has been revised as described above.

Both plansThe price increases more than 1.3 timesIt can be said that it is a large price revision.

Especially for sellers who have used Shopify in a poor profit, it can be a big pain.

How to maintain the old price

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But for this price increaseThere is only one way to keep using SHOPIFY at one old fee.

that isUse SHOPIFY on the annual fee, not the monthly feeIs a method.

If you make an annual contract, the usage fee will be used25 % offYou can use SHOPIFY at the old fee before January 23.

If you are thinking about using a long -term SHOPIFY, it may be a good timing to change your plan for annual use.

In addition, those who are currently contracting SHOPIFY will automatically leave the price for three months, so the old fee will be applied until April 23.Thanks to this system, you can prevent the trouble that the usage fee has changed without noticing.

Why did you raise the price?

actuallySHOPIFY uses almost the same for about 12 yearsIt has been done. But why did you decide to raise prices at this time?

1. To further improve the service

By raising the price"Securing human resources that can solve the most difficult problems in the industry"To doIt has been stated in SHOPIFY official articles that it can be done, and it can further improve services.

2. Because the number of users is increasing ・ Because it is established

This can be guessed until you get tired, but you can guess that the increase and retention of users is one of the reasons for raising prices. Increase the usage fee by 1.3 timesA bullish price increase can reduce the number of users, soIt cannot be realized when the number of users is sluggish or decreasedIt is considered.

SHOPIFY is a platform that already has many functions and easy to use, but it is exciting to evolve in the future.


Image byPaul Stachowiak FromPixabay​​

This article summarizes Shopify's new price.

With this price revision, the further evolution of SHOPIFY has been realized, and I want a platform that supports more user business!

If you want to know more about this price revisionHerePlease!

Thank you for reading until the end.

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