Introduction of installment payment with SHOPIFY! About the differences between installments that can be done in the United States and Japan

by Rin Hirashin

In sites that handle high -priced products, it may be difficult to operate just by paying in bulk. Therefore, it is possible to introduce installments in SHOPIFY.

In Shop Pay, you can select up to 12 installments by introducing installments in SHOP Pay.

However, the following conditions are required to use.

・ The store of the store is America

・ Selling store products in US dollars

・ Both SHOPIFY Payment and Shop Pay are enabled

So how do you use installment payments in stores sold for Japan?

This time, we will introduce the differences in how to use installments in the United States and Japan!

Difference between installments possible in the United States and Japan

In the case of America

  • Shopify official division Shop Pay (Up to $ 50 to 17,500 US) can be introduced
  • Installation payment app Introducing and setting up installment payments
  • Apple Pay Later With the introduction of, it is possible to select four installments for 6 weeks without charging interest or commission.

The installment payment app will introduce "Split Payment & Deposit Spurit".

Image of installment payment app

Installation payment in this appThe first payment is made in the set amount,The remaining claims are automatically created until the full payment is completed.

The following settings are also possible besides installment payments.

・ Multiple payments

It is possible to pay orders with multiple cards.

You can also set which card you pay.

・ Joint payment

Customers can enter the address to the address by entering the e -mail address at the time of purchase, so you can pay for multiple people.

in Japan's case

  • SB pay Introduced installment payment
  • GMO IpsilonIt can be introduced at an additional charge of 500 yen per month.
  • PaidyIf you upgrade to Paidy Plus, you can introduce an installment payment up to three times.
Image of SB Payment

I recommend the introduction of SB Payment.

Introducing installments often incurs an additional charge.

However, by using SB Payment, it is possible to introduce an installment payment of credit payment without additional charges.

Extra edition

If it is an introduction outside the United States

  •  KLARNAInstallation payment is possible by payment.

Only Austria, Germany, and Sweden's merchant are available and are active by default when setting SHOPIFY pay. However, if the business is conducted and the business is approved by KLARNA, customers will be able to check out using KLARNA.

Detail isHere

This time, the introduction method of installment payments varies from country to country, so we have told you how to introduce it for each country!

When purchasing a product on an EC site, many people think that installment payments can be used for granted.

Introducing a variety of payment methods is also effective in reducing the withdrawal at the time of check -out.

We also introduce a third -party payment method, so please contact us if you have any problems!


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