Shopify Editions 2023 Winter Update Bulletin! 5 carefully selected selections [Selected by SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER Go Ride]


Breaking news! ! ! !

From SHOPIFYUpdate to be held in winter 2023Details have been announced.

According to the announcement, the number of updates is reallyover 100! ! !





It's too much!



So this time from the updates with more than 100

Shopify Plus PartnerofGo Ridebut

Similarly, carefully selected important updates to 5And explained.

Use this article to check the contents of "SHOPIFY2023 Winter Apde" without spending time!

1. AI automatically generates product description

UNSPLASHofLukasPhotograph taken

The first update is to generate a product description by AI.

In recent years, the entry of AI in the EC industry has been intensifying, and SHOPIFY is finally at Final.Shopify MagicI developed an AI tool.

If you use Shopify Magic

AI automatically generates a product description just by entering the keywords and features of the product.

When creating a product description

It takes a lot of time and stress if you make a sentence while thinking, "While conveying the charm in an easy -to -understand manner ... but not too long and not too long ...".

However, with the emergence of SHOPIFY MAGIC, this may be better!

However, in this update, Shopify MagicIt was not clear that it corresponds to JapaneseSo, you need to be careful and follow the information.

2. Edit the check -out screen (SHOPIFY PLUS Limited)

The second is a SHOPIFY PLUS limited function,Edit the check -out screenYou can now.

in particular

  • Change of theme color

  • Added logo

  • Font change

  • Special functions such as automatic discounts (app addition)

These things are possible

Until the last moment when the purchase is completed, you can now provide the brand view of the brand.

Because it is a convenient function, I want you to add it to a plan other than Plus in the future!

3. Cooperation with creators using SHOPIFY COLLABS

The 3rd one Shopify CollabsIt is cooperation with creators who use.

To make many people know the productFirst, deliver products to many peopleis needed. At that time, SHOPIFY COLLABS is useful.

On SHOPIFY's website

Shopify Collabs is a market -style app that helps the Merchant and Creators to collaborate.Business can collaborate with creators, influencers, and affiliates to grow business.

It is explained.

It took a long time by using Shopify Collabs

  • Find an influencer that suits your business

  • Contract with influencer for advertising

You may be able to significantly simplify these tasks.

Following information about SHOPIFY COLLABS

If you are interested, please check it out!

4. Half of the response speed (super high -speed page display speed anywhere)

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The fourthHalf of the response timeis.

In SHOPIFY's official announcement

"In the newly expanded SHOPIFY global infrastructure, the newly expanded SHOPIFY global infrastructure, by rendering the site as close as possible to be a customer.Surprisingly fast experienceIs realized. By utilizing the base installed in 270 places around the worldAchieved the response time of the site by half.In addition, the number of bases is being expanded. ]

It is explained.

Half the response time is a big change that you can experience

The stress of customers looking for products at the Shopify store will be greatly reduced.

This is a great improvement for those who are developing business at cross -border.

5. Automation of tax calculation (limited to the United States)

Image byPexels fromPixabay ​​

The last thing to explain is a tool that automates sales tax calculation in the United States.SHOPIFY TAXIs the appearance.

Although it is unthinkable in Japan, even in the same country, the sales tax collected at the time of sale, so -called Sales Tax, vary depending on the state, region, and time.

It is surprising that the tax rate will be charged even in the next house in an extreme example!

SuchSHOPIFY TAX is a tool that automatically performs complex tax calculationsis.Furthermore, it will respond automatically even when the tax rate changes temporarily.For those who are developing business in the United States, it can be said to be a god tool.



What did you think?

In this article, more than 100 updates will be held in winter 2023 published by SHOPIFY

We carefully selected and explained.

By using these changes and new tools, you may be able to develop business more efficiently. I can't wait to be implemented.

If you want to know more about this update, please check this link!

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