[SHOPIFY] 5 Skin Care / Cosmetic Site Subsque Cases!


There are many EC sites related to beauty and cosmetics that use SHOPFY, but this time we will introduce five brands in Japan that have succeeded in incorporating subscriptions (regular purchases)!



Coss isUsed red algae derived from ocean, without using petroleum -based synthetic surfactants, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorings, etc., which are not good for the skin.It is a skin care brand that focuses on natural ingredients.

By installing both the "Put in the cart" button on the product list page, and the "Subscription" button, the price and value of the regular purchase are conveyed to the user by one -step.

There are many users who want to use skin care continuously to realize the effects, so the UI, which is going to be regularly purchased in one step, is connected to an upsel.


Sense of Humour is a hair care brand by Kenichi, a salon owner and top stylist.

All products are developed based on outstanding manufacturing technology in Japan, the packages are sophisticated, and the overall atmosphere of the brand is also expressed on the site.

SENSE OF HUMOUR has a page for regular flights because there are products that are not subject to regular flights.

By telling users in an easy -to -understand manner, including the icons, the advantages and explanations of regular flights will not only increase the understanding of the regular flights, but also the conductor to the target product is easy to understand, which will lead to repeat purchases. 。


Proherb isThe blessings of nature born by MitsubachiProfessionalPolice (ProPOLIS) and naturalHerbHERBS) made from)Unfeaking, colorless, no vegetation, natural groupIt is a cosmetics brand that is gentle on the skin.

PROHERB has a product list page only for regular products, so you can select a regular product from the list page. In addition, since it can be selected in a few months, it incorporates a mechanism that makes it easy to start purchasing.


SHOLAYERED is a domestic production perfume, body spray, and body lotion brands.

It features a light and easy -to -use fragrance that matches the taste of Japanese people who prefer delicate scent.

PROHERB has a product list page only for regular products, so you can choose a regular purchase from the list page. Since the product page also describes the minimum number of regular purchases, etc., it is possible to solve the questions and anxiety of the user and proceed to the subscription.


BULLDOG is mainly derived from natural, but rather than deny artificial ingredients, but also combines "naturally -derived ingredients" and "carefully selected artificial ingredients" in an exquisite balance that makes use of the goodness of both. It is a skin care brand that offers excellent and easy -to -use products.

BULLDOG has introduced Amazon Pay, so you can select a regular purchase when purchasing on Amazon. Utilizing the discounts and cancellation systems in Amazon, it is connected to an upsel.


Here are five brands that incorporate skin care and cosmetics subscriptions in Japan.

I think that a good effect can be a good effect of subscriptions depending on the concept of products, brands, and the presence or absence of the target product!

GORIDE also sells a subscription app called "GO SUB".

Please contact Go Ride if you have any consultation, such as wanting to incorporate a subscription app!

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