Shonan is fun in autumn and winter! 11 cafes and restaurants with a view of the sea

Source: Each store official website In the fall of summer and the heat of the heat and the more calm days increase, the Shonan area is recommended. After all, there is no congestion or hustle like summer. You can calm down and relax. In the summer, the line cafes and restaurants were put in Switzerland without reservations. You may be able to sit on the window that is difficult to empty. 11.Post (post) In 2016, you can feel the restaurant sea created on the top floor of Machigaki Terrace by Honey, but there is no parking lot, but occasionally there is a considerable distance of about 7 minutes on foot from the scratch Yushigahama parking lot. If it is not midsummer, you can enjoy it as a walk. There is a coin parking next door, but only three can be parked, so it is unlikely that it is vacant on weekends. SCREEN-SHOT -2016-10-17-AT-13-56-23 10. Hoa Cafe (HOA Cafe) (Yuigahama area) It seems that donuts using cafe @ wooden wood soybeans can be recommended, and DAIKI, which appeared on the terrace house, is also recommended as a meal after surfing!
9.coral reefShichirigahamaYou can also buy the original retort curry as a souvenir where you can see the classic sea in the classic. SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-27 at 11.02.46 PM 8. Bills Shichirigahama This is also recommended for the classic classic pancakes and orange juice, sweet and luxurious breakfast and time. Bills Terrace 7.Ron Harman Zushi MarinaZushi area The newly created Ron Herman Cafe hamburger is very nice to have a delicious open window. Terrace seats are recommended for the coming season SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-27 at 10.52.20 PM 6.Diego by the River / Diego by the RiverShichirigahama area It is said that there are many locals who go to a luxurious cafe where you can enjoy both the sea and the river with the sea. Diego by the River 5.Pacific Drive-in(Pacific drive -in) Shichirigahama area It is made with the image of Hawaii deli, and you can access the parking lot of Shichirigahama as it is by car. Of course the sea is right in front of you. An atmosphere where you can easily enter and feel the sea SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-27 at 11.21.26 PM 4.Southern Beach Cafe(SoutherN-Beach Cafe)Chigasaki area There is no doubt that you can relax in the open store sideways. It is also used in the second party of the wedding. It is also high that the parking lot nearby can be used for free. If you are unlucky and encounter a charter day, a cafe next doorDitaneBut there is also a parking lot. SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-27 at 11.16.40 PM 3.Riki Riki Deli(Riki Riki Deli)    The shop is comfortable based on Hawaiian, and you can feel the constant summer throughout the year. The staff is energetic and amiable Rikiriki deli 2.Ribiera Gran Blue(Riviera Grand Blue [Old Store Name] Granblue Ochiai)Zushi area Italian restaurant where you can see the sea in Zushi Marina, a great location and a satisfying service, you may provide a bullet parking service. Ribiera Gran Blue 1.Piccolo Vazo(Piccolo vaso)Zushi area The Italian pizza and pasta that French chefs started was wonderful and delicious, and the seafood selected by the chef is exquisite. Stop the car in the Zushi Marina parking lot. Recommended tran that can only be accessed unless it is a car. Only this shop can see the sea directly from inside the store, but the taste is wonderful, so I ranked. If you go outside, you can see the sea right away, so if you can forgive me, lol! SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-27 at 11.07.37 PM [When you get stuck in traffic]Shonan T Site Even so, if you get stuck in traffic jams, it is along Escape 30 here, so you can easily drop on the way back from Shonan to Tokyo for a few hours. Maybe you can go to Shonan just to go here. The size may be several times the size of Daikanyama T -SITE LIFE SEA is also in T Site. T met T Site2 T Site Terrace And on the premisesCar Life LabThere is also. Jeep and Mercedes are often exhibited, so if you like cars, you can spend half a day here. Renault Car Life Labo The restaurant is also wonderful. LIFE SEA Restaurant Seafood Maine in Tsujido's T -SITE Italian LIFE SEA

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