Routine LA business trip full of life 2023 1st shot

by Toyo Hirashima

Well, this is the first LA business trip in 2023.

After the company was founded, I visited LA, which has become a routine

Please have a business trip schedule that makes you feel like you are on a business trip on a business trip.

On a business trip, this AWAY suitcase, Burton's shoulder back, and shoulder bags have wetsuits and surfing tools. Leave the surfboard in LA

The number has decreased significantly since Corona started, but I want to go to LA as often as possible this year.

I always buy about 4 plastic bottle tea at the vending machine next to the boarding gate. After arriving at the LA airport, I think that my thirst is a little thirsty, so I buy water for about $ 4, so I buy it every time here.

Recently, I often use Haneda flights.
YCAT is available from Yokohama Station, and the bus is about 580 yen, which is cheaper than the bus bound for Narita.

I often go by midnight flight, work in Minato Mirai's office and go as it is. A person who wants to sleep on the plane as much as possible, adjust the body and move on LA.

Arrival in LA

When you arrive at LA, LAX moves out of the airport to relieve traffic congestion and moves on a bus after a long distance flight, and when you arrive on weekdays, you may be picked up by the staff.

This omelet spaghetti has been attending a Spagetti shop called Spoon House, which has been attending for about 15 years, is conscientious and delicious.

LA office is very convenient for 15 minutes from the airport. When you arrive, you will check in the hotel and move from the next day.

On the day you arrive, you are tired and sleep well, and the jet lag starts in earnest the next day.

Day 1 => I can sleep well
Day 2 => I wake up around 3 o'clock
Day 3 => I wake up around 4 o'clock
Day 4 => 5 o'clock
5th => 6:00

The jet lag is often fitted with a feeling like. Every time I bring melatonin, drink, and forcibly sleeps.

The next day, I went to the office and had a meeting

Meeting at LA office

The office uses WEWORK as in Japan.

A camera for a web meeting was provided in the conference room. Very convenient and easy to use.

I want you to introduce it to the weWORK conference room in Japan.

LA's WEWORK is very spacious and comfortable compared to Japanese WeWork as introduced in this article. However, there is no beer service like before, and it is a kombucha instead.

Until 18:00 pm, it is a routine to work with LA members and work with Japan after 18:00.

On this day, I stopped by the downtown LA DTLA ROW after visiting the client. A few years ago, we gathered clients here and held events.

As the return schedule is near, the whole team dinner at the Manhattan Beach restaurant. I had Greek food, I've never been to Greek. The steak and the steak were really delicious.

On the way back, it's almost a late -night flight, so I use up LAs a day full, work at the airport, and sleep on the plane.

There are many patterns of early morning or night in Japan.

Thank you for visiting LA this year in such a form.


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