River dyed in green! Chicago St. Patrick Day


What is St. Patrix Day?

St. Patrick's Day is a festival that Irish and Irish people celebrate around the world on March 17 every year.
It is a national festival in Ireland, a national festival in Ireland. St. Patrick is said to have spread Christianity in Ireland, and Sent Patricks Day has a parade and festival. People wearing green costumes and goods depicting the pattern of Siam Rock (three -leaf clover) are sold. Irish pubs are crowded with many people.

Why green?

It comes from the legend that St. Patrick used a green three -leaf clover (Shamrock) to spread Christianity in Ireland.

So, the city will be green in the city due to people with green fashion and clover items, or selling goods.🍀

Chicago River dyed green

In ChicagoSt. Patrix Day is celebrated on the second weekend of March every year. And in Chicago, more than 60 years agoMake the river greenCelebrating St. Patricks Day!

It is said that making the river green began in 1962. At that time, it is said that the piping worked was dyed using a pigment called Fluoresin in order to track substances that polluted the river. Since then, Chicago citizens have dyed the river green every year on the previous weekend of St. Patrick Day.

Chicago River dyed green with St. Patrix Day
Chicago River dyed green with St. Patrix Day
Chicago River dyed green with St. Patrix Day
Even after St. Patrix Day, the river remains green for more than a week.


St. Patrick Day is also famous for having a parade. In ChicagoThe parade starts the South Side, an area where many Irish Americans live, and go north through the downtown (Chicago urban area). The parade lasts for about 3 hours, and the participants have green costumes and Irish flags.

In some areas where the parade will be held on the day of St. Patrix Day. Play Irish music and dance.

St. Patrix Day Parade
This is a reference photo of the parade.​
A person wearing a green hat in the parade of St. Patrix Day
This is a reference photo of the parade.​​

Why are you dyed?

Chicago River dyed green with St. Patrix Day

The dyed river has a bright green like Baskulin!

It is said that it uses a green dye of food grade. It is said that Chicago staff has about 40 tons of dyes in the river before the parade of St. Patrick Day. This dye is a safe ingredient used in foods and cosmetics that do not affect the environment.


When it comes to St. Patrick Day, various events are held in the United States. The green river is a unique event of Chicago only in the world. It is one of the few events that can feel the Irish culture, such as parade, food, and fashion. If you have the opportunity, please join us!




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