Required for the current EC site! SHOPIFY app that can specify delivery date and time


Does your EC site have a specified function specified?

From the site user's point of view, I think it will be quite convenient if you can deliver it on the day and time at home.

Depending on the product, there are types of products that cannot be used for delivery boxes (large size, refrigerated delivery, etc.), so it is not an exaggeration to say that the delivery date and time specification is indispensable for some EC sites.

In this article, the application that can easily add a function specified by the delivery date and time to the store of SHOPIFYDelivery managerI will introduce "!

Delivery manager function

Addition of delivery date and time specification column to the cart screen

The date and time specification is displayed on the check -out button on the cart screen.

From here, the customer can specify the date and time zone when purchasing.


In addition, since the delivery date and time can be set, the desired date and time will not be specified on a day when delivery is difficult.


Creating shipping slip

If the delivery date and time can be specified, the information must be described on the slip. This app will do it all at once.

It is compatible with Yamato, Sagawa, and Japan Post, and can output CSV in a form that matches each format.

Uploading tracking number

The tracking number set by each delivery company for each delivery can be uploaded at once with SHOPIFY.

Depending on the services of each company, the delivery date and time can be changed later, and the settings for receiving can be added, so many customers may want to use it.

What do you think.

The operation of the app itself is very simple and easy to use, so why not add it to a store that has not yet added the delivery date and time specified functions?

Please go to Go Ride for consultation on the introduction of the application!

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