recommendation! Car air freshener "MILLEFIORI"

Unfortunately, it is not an introduction of Fabreze. I have tried various air fresheners for cars so far, but this is an introduction because there was something I really liked recently. MILLEFIORI Car Ai Freshna Millefiori It is a manufacturer who mainly works on car accessories under brands from Italy. It can be easily attached to the air conditioner outlet. The assembly was completed in about 3 minutes, and I read the instructions, but it is easy. * Discounted February 14, 2016 Updated It is not too sweet, not too tight, wraps around the car. The reputation of a friend who rides is also good. I think it is very popular with women. The price is a little higher than the general car fragrance, but I like it very much. I tried various types with AUTOBACS, but this is the bestI was surprised. I think it's the scent of everyone.
Img_0100 I also put it on the car. The scent is really good. I am silver spirit.
sourceComfortable lifestyle @ A little spice for life By the way, there are so many kinds, so you can try various things and use what you like. Millefiori type Speaking of commercials for cars, CMs featuring Fabry's Nanao recently are famous. Millefiori (Millefio Ri) car You can be like this too ..... ... I used the image at the top because it had an impact. Source Fabreze

Room air freshener

Another smell I like is actually the scent of Ron Herman. It is not a air freshener for cars, but it may be good as an air freshener in the room. It doesn't seem to be exactly the same scent (it seems to be scented with a machine in addition to this in the store). Although it is quite good, it is very popular overseas and seems to be used in LA boutiques. It means that the same product is handled not only in Ron Herman but also in TOMORROW LAND. source: My Recommend Ron Herman Ron Herman Aposia

Product Name: Apothia Diffuser Aposia Diffuser 200ml

Price: NORMAL: 11,880 yen, mini: 6,480 yen (tax included)

Now, if the inside of the car smells good, please share it with Go Ride.



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