Recommendation and tips for staying in a car! I stayed in the car for 2 months at the EU

It's getting cold and falling like autumn. It is more comfortable to stay in the car in the fall. The heat of summer can not be prevented so much except for the air conditioner, but in the fall and winter it will be anything. As for my stay in the car, when I suddenly went to surf in Japan and couldn't get the inn, I surfed in California for about 2 weeks, for about two weeks, surfing Europe, France, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal ( If you are tired on the way, use an inn) You can move as soon as you get up in the car, you can see a beautiful sunrise, and it is very good as an experience, and you can save time and money, so it is a perfect travel style for outdoor enthusiasts such as fishing and surfing. In addition, you can get along with other travelers. Here, it is an introduction to what kind of car used for staying in the car and what kind of place to pay attention to. California In California, you will be in this kind of Chevrolet Captiva Compact SUV. It is very easy to sleep because the rear seats are flat. Img_8387 Setup before going to bed By the way, recently Daiso has been made in California, so I can buy a lot of items necessary for staying in the car. It is very convenient because you can easily get the 100 yen rubber mat and surfing buckets introduced in this article! I went to Ise Collection & Ise for staying in a domestic version of the car NowadaysDaisoIt seems that it has entered Australia and South America, so you may want to buy goods in the car in front of a surf lip in Australia and South America! Screen-Shot-2016-10-04-AT-3-07-26-PM Mexico It was a few nights in Mexico, but it was too hot, so I slept with an air conditioner on this jeep patriot. This is almost flat Img_9173 Europe I used this Peugeot 2008 in Europe. There was a little step when I knocked the back seat forward, but it is within the range that can be covered by packing a blanket. It looks compact, but you can stay in the last minute. Img_1949 When I get up in the morning, it looks like this Peacen by staying in the car Here, I would like to tell you about the surprising precautions obtained from this experience.
  • It is better to be as flat as possible in the rear seats
In Japan, it seems that some people stay in the car with a minivan with the following three -row seats, but I think that unevenness is quite painful. I think it's important to be flat than the size, so it's a good idea to choose a car that can be as flat as possible in the rear seats. mini-van
  • It is better to use a slightly better mat in the car
Especially with a minivan with a three -row seat as described above, a mat that costs a reasonable price will be essential. This is because you need a moderately thick mat to absorb the unevenness of the sheet. I have never used it, but the following sheets are hereblogThen the evaluation seems to be high.
  • It is important to see the slope of the parking location so that your head is up and your feet are down when you sleep.
I think this is what I tend to overlook unexpectedly. Even if the parking lot is tilted, you will fall asleep without noticing. There is no problem to sleep with the higher head and the lower legs, but when the reverse head is low, it is not quite tired. The next day, you can get up and be surprised, so be careful before going to bed.
  • Sunshade can be easily purchased at car shops (places like AUTOBACS), etc.
You can easily purchase curtains and install them at cars. If you are completely looking and invisible from the outside, you can sleep with confidence.
  • Convenient to have a spare blanket
It is recommended that you have a spare one because it is convenient for filling the irregularities that are a little worrisome and countermeasures against the cold.
  • Convenient where the toilet is near
Of course, there is no problem if it is a service area, but when you park and sleep in a place that is not, it is convenient near the facility and it is safe for crime prevention. Sounds and light can be considerably prevented with sunshades and earplugs, so we recommend staying in a car in a fulfilling place of the facility after taking sounds and light measures.
  • Convenient near the beach with the facility
After all, it's a shower, but there are shower on the beach in Califolinia and Europe. Above all, Capbreton in the Hosego area of ​​France has a shower that closes the door properly, so you can wash your body. Instead, it's cold water, but lol
  • High -speed service areas and gas stations in Europe are paradise
The European gas station has a shower space for truck drivers, and can be used for a few euros. It is super convenient while traveling. And there is also WiFi. The large -scale service area and gas stations have restaurants, so you can take a beer and drink a beer as it is. By the way, my favorite is a large -scale service area before entering Barcelona. The place is here! If you have such a car from Suzuki introduced the other day, I would definitely like to stay in the car. "Air Tricer" Suzuki, which becomes a lounge during parking lunge If you are on a wild trip like a stay in a car, please use the GO Ride that you ride on :) MADOKA BUS3

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