Precautions for domain and DNS settings, domain transfer in SHOPIFY

by Toyo Hirashima

SHOPIFY's domain setting is very easy!

Suddenly, it's easy to set SHOPIFY's domain! You can easily configure it by touching intuitively from the dashboard. For new domains and existing domain connections Basically, you can easily set it, even if you just press the button. Even if you make a mistake, the attention that "DNS settings should be done properly!" About CNAME and A RecordSee here

If you have acquired a domain first except SHOPIFY

However, if you acquire a domain other than SHOPIFY and use your own domain Email, the following phenomenon will occur. In the order of domain setting that tends to be a lot of new entrepreneurship and starting business in SHOPIFY Work example using your own domain with gsuite and using your own domain email Open Store to SHOPIFY => I want to operate the SHOPIFY domain with the same domain acquired by GSUITE For example, I want to make a top domain of SHOP => Connect Existing Domain and select DNS to Shopify => MX record (DNS) setting change => Downtime occurs => TOYO is finally gsuite (or another mailer) You can send and receive emails by ... It is the flow, but this is to rewrite the MX record.It takes about 72 hours as a downtimeIt seems that there are many things.

What is MX record?
The line (zone file) that the authority DNS server uses at work, the line where the delivery destination mail server of the email addressed to the domain is written

Avoid downtime to avoid rewriting MX records

To avoid a long downtime of 72 hours
  1. Acquired a new domain with SHOPIFY (eg,
  2. Reflect it in gsuite and mailer (eg,
I recommend the procedure! In this case, it is easy to operate an email on the same domain as the EC site, so it is easy to operate an email as the EC site. In addition, if you want to transfer the domain itself as well as the DNS change, there is an ICANN policy that cannot be transferred 60 days from the basic acquisition, so I would like to be careful when acquiring a new domain. In addition, the setting method to send and receive the email address of the original domain with Gmail was described in detail.
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