Population Surfing Center Kobe Rays Ver2.0 2017 Opened July 16th

Previously here [KOBE-REYES] Kobeley Artificial Surfing Facility Opened in Kobe in April 2016! Upgraded Kobe case Rayse population surfing area

After a short holiday, it was updated to Ver 2.0.

This year, it was a complete reservation system and it was revived.

Please make a reservationFrom here on the official website

The size of the waves seems to be from the knee.

This update seems to be Ver 2.0, and it seems that Ver 2.1 will be revived in the fall.

This year, there is also the following 30 days pass.

It is a pretty good price of 40,000 yen. I am worried about sales. The following will be copied and paste.

The sale of 30days-pass has been decided.
Price: 40,000 yen reservation: possible.
However, the cancellation fee that passes 2 days before is 50 % of the reservation session usage fee.
On the day of reception: Free
Simple insurance fee: Every time/200 yen required (1 day)
Admission fee: Free purchase, please contact the reception.
Please make a reservation for the first time before coming.

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.