Parking meter summary that can be parked for free after 7pm in the city center

Now it's fun to drive in the city center just before Halloween. There are many people who are riding with open cars, but they look very fun and enviable. By the way, I have summarized the parking meters that can be parked after 7:00 pm, where I sometimes go to the city center by car! What is a parking meter? Anyone who is driving a car has seen it once! Yes, this kind of guy!
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At that time, there is the following sign along with the parking meter, so if you do not park outside the time with this, OK! Conversely, if there is a sign of parking prohibition, you cannot park at that time zone! NO-Parking In the case of the above photos, you cannot park. If you stop after 20:00, it will be a parking violation. However, as shown in the photo below, if you do not have any parking items are written, you can park for free outside the specified time. Parking-sign Click here for details FAQ about parking meters By the way, be careful if you can not park in the frame as shown below in a place with a parking meter, as it may be a parking violation. Parking_case Source: Metropolitan Police Department HP By the way, it is finally an introduction of a free parking lot at night in the city center!


Old Yamate -dori around Denny's Minamiradai There is a parking meter from Minami -Hiradai Denny's to Daikanyama (Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore). These are free because they can be parked after 7:00 pm.

Aoyama Gaienmae

From Cafe SIGN towards Brumier Gaien (toward Meiji Jingu)

Azabu Juban

From the intersection of Azabu Juban, from the intersection to Shiba Park, and from the intersection of Azabu Juban, the Azabu Street is located south to the three bridges south.


From the Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka Starbucks to the intersection of Azabu Juban (for Shinichi no Bridge)

West linen

From the intersection of Gaien West Dori Nishi -Azabu, go south to the Lamborghini Azabu showroom Although it is not a parking meter, there is a parking service at the Nishi -Azabu intersection, and it is free depending on the time of day. parking Yes (Monday -Friday (18:00 or later) 1000 yen per time, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays (after 17:00), 1000 yen each time, other free)


From Shinjuku Station to Yasukuni -dori, near the intersection of Shinjuku 1 -chome north Perhaps this is the parking meter that can be parked at night, the closest to Shinjuku Station. It is about a 5 -minute walk to Shinjuku Station, but only 2 cars can be parked, so it is first come, first served! By all means this year's HalloweenGo RidePlease try to get on! MADOKA BUS3 Related article You can save money in a cafe or restaurant with parking services in Shibuya, Aoyama, and Omotesando. Minato Mirai parking lot 9 selections of HACK techniques Ideal for surfing and swimming in Shonan in Shonan Surfer, car and lifestyle special feature Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jeep, TOYOTA, etc. are also introduced! 8 Halloween events that can be reached near Tokyo 2015 final version!

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