Must read! What is the SHOPIFY theme? Options you want to know

by Shopify API

One of the most important things when SHOPIFY Murchart creates an EC store is its appearance and forming. The customer decides whether to spend hard money on the brand's product based on the user's experience on the website.

In SHOPIFY, the store design is all controlled by the "Shopify theme".

The theme is a code base that can be freely edited and customized by developers to create online streets design. Of course, you need knowledge of how to code.

In this article, I will explain what options are available to select the SHOPIFY theme.

Debut Theme

When the store starts, SHOPIFY is default"Debut" (debut)We provide the theme. This is the landing page.


And here is the product list and the product display page.


As you can see, it is a fairly simple and functional online steering, but it looks like a brand identity is missing.

Theme Store

First of all, if you do not like the appearance of the debut theme as a starting point, it is another option.SHOPIFY theme storeBrowse and choose the theme you like. The price is usually possible from the free to $ 180, and it is possible to reflect a fairly speedy, and some themes also provide settings such as customer services. (It depends on the theme, so it is better to check the reviews of the theme)

The above two options are good for adjusting the base of the store, but the theme is to display unique and powerful brand identity on the entire online store and differentiate it from other stores. You need to customize the code. Many large companies have selected this option. This is especially useful when developing online stores in multiple countries.

As an example,allbirdsthere is. .com Starting from the normal Shopify store based on English, recentlyAllbirds JapanSo I entered the Japanese online market.



As you can see, their theme designs are quite different from the Debut theme. As a result, it became an online store that reflects their brand identity.

Let's look at other international stores. UI/UX designer of our Go Ride,"30 stores with great design"I am writing an article that picked up. Here are some examples from the list.


ULLAC OY uses a wonderful design theme reflecting powerful brand identity. If they used one of the basic themes, they may not have been able to do the same effect. 。

The following example is a bit different, but emphasizes the importance of the best designed SHOPIFY theme.

Myro deodorant Is differentiation from the above stores in various ways. First, the deodorant is the main product, and the second plan is to be sold. There is no regular product list or product display page. Their entire store will not exist without a customized SHOPIFY theme.


If you are thinking of switching to SHOPIFY, if you are thinking of updating the existing Shopify store, or if you are thinking of starting from zero, feel free to do it.Please contact us。 As an Expert of SHOPIFY, we will help you with all sizes, from the optimal option proposals to custom themes and app design and creation specialized in your brand.

Finally one point: about the theme localization

Like allbirds, it is possible to have a different language for your store based on a specific country.

Another option is to target English and French customersGOURMET MONDIALEIs to do. Clicking on the simple "English" and "Francias" button will immediately translate the store into a corresponding language.


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